Monday, March 14, 2011

Why Katy No Longer Goes to the Vet Without Bailey

One of our first tasks when we brought Katy home was to take her to the vet. She was fully vaccinated and had been treated by the foster's vet, but we wanted to establish a relationship with our local vet before Katy needed care. We wanted to get her started on Frontline, which we did not realize at the time was far more important than we knew.

Therefore, an appointment was made and my husband got Katy ready to get in the car to go. Bailey lost it. He made every non-violent protest move he could make to keep Katy from getting her harness on and then being able to get to the door. He actually tripped my husband who landed on the floor. Bailey was terrified Katy was being sent away and doing everything in his power to prevent it. The vet has a small outer office and we were not sure how comfortable she would be if we took both dogs. Bailey cried and paced the entire time Katy was gone. I have never seen him so distressed, not even during our worst storms.

Katy was fine with the whole thing. She was not thrilled with the exam, but not many dogs love the process. However, she was amazed at the attention Bailey showered her with when she arrived home and she made the most of it.

Our Vet asked my husband where Bailey was and on hearing, his concern about bringing both had no issues with it. Now Bailey goes to the vet with my husband, but Katy always has an escort.

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  1. Aww that really is the cutest thing!!! It is always a wonderful sight and feeling when they bond.

  2. Ahh!I love the connection. Pets always get it right when it comes to developing strong bonds

  3. I'm telling ya, animals have best friends. You're talking about separation anxiety between your horse does the same thing with his pals. He's not barn sour - he just wants one of his buddies around when he's hauled. Put another horse in the trailer with him, and Chance is ready to go. Alone? You'll have a nickering, snorting, kicking mess the entire journey!

    I love reading about your dogs. :-)

  4. That is just to cute! They obviously love each other very much. :)

  5. What a precious story. Anybody who says animals have no emotional feelings has no idea what they are talking about.

  6. I thought it was saw wonderful that he protected her. I just thought it was sad he had so little trust in us. I thought after seven years he finally trusted us. It did confirm that we could never foster, though. Bailey could never handle dogs leaving.

  7. That is so cute! My two inside dogs are somewhat close. One doesn't flip out when the other one leaves them for a little bit but they do sleep together a lot and follow each other around the house.

  8. Awww what a sweet story! We keep thinkign about getting a "friend" for our German Shepherd..If we do I hope he is the same way as your Bailey!


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