Tuesday, February 7, 2023

Meet Teddy the Newest Member of Sheltie Times

We are used to long searches for our new Sheltie family members so we were quite surprised that we found Teddy just as we were gearing up for the prep to search.

A wonderful woman reached out to me at Sheltie Nation with the names of breeders in our area with puppies available right away.

One of the challenges of finding a new dog is finding good quality breeders. Often the most well advertised breeders are not the ones you want to do business with and the higher quality breeders just don't have the time for an online presence easily located by those hoping to find them. When you have people willing to help you make the match it is such a blessing.

Teddy was born November 25, 2022 and were were very blessed to have him join our Sheltie pack on January 21, 2022 at 8 weeks old. He had 3 adorable sisters. It was hard to decide but Teddy seemed a good choice with Annie. I do wish we'd taken pictures while at the meet and greet but we were so focused on all the interactions and trying to choose that we didn't want the phones to be the focus. It would have been nice to have a family picture for his record.

Teddy loves toys, chasing balls, and is all energy. We are so grateful to Ann at Sheltie Nation and Acadia Shelties in CT for helping us find our new family member. It has been busy getting adjusted as we were really at the thinking about doing this not doing this righ now stage, but it has been worth all the craziness for this beautiful bundle of joy.

Friday, January 20, 2023

The search for a New Friend

Well friends Dog Dad and Mom have begun the search for a new friend for me. I miss Katy terribly and living alone is just not in the cards for me.

After having three Shelties Mom and Dad are entering new territory they are talking a puppy. While Bailey was a puppy when they got him he was Mom's miracle rescue a puppy that was fully housebroken when he came home. This means starting from scratch and they are both excited and a bit scared at the prospect so send them your best wishes.

They are currently in talks with a breeder and have high hopes. If that doesn't work they will continue looking because they want the right fit for our Sheltie pack. Hopefully we will have some news soon about my new brother or sister.

Mom is doing her research on puppy raising and is excited to get started. I think I'll be more excited once I meet this new creature who will be entering my Sheltie space.