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Friday, October 30, 2020

Halloween Surprise

We knew Halloween was going to be different this year with the COVID restrictions. Mom tells us despite the restricitions the City has decided to allow trick or treating with some new rules. So this first picture kind of demonstrates the fall feeling Mom was gong for as she's been keeping us from eating her colorful fall pumpkins.

However we woke this morning to this...

With low temps predicted it has Mom concerned with how many kids will be out. We hope to have some cool Halloween pics to post but we will see what the weather brings.

We must say since we don't get candy on Halloween we did prefer the snow cookies.

Just a note we have allowed comments again. While we were away we were getting some disgusting spam filling up Mom's email notifications of comments to be modified daily and she shut off comments hoping the disgusting warts would leave us alone.

Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween everyone.

We have been absent for a good cause. We are helping Mom help some family with homeschooling via Skype. Mom started doing read alouds via Skype for some younger relatives who are home schooled this summer and it keeps her kind of busy. While one child went back to a Charter school in the fall she still reads to two kids every day. Over the summer we read about the American Revolution, Ancient Egypt, and the Middle Ages. We also got to hear some awesome fictional stories. We are becoming very educated dogs. This fall we've been learning our grammar listening to School House Rock Grammar. We've also developed a taste for poetry. We like Jack Prelutsky and Shel Silverstein over the more traditional poetry favored by the kids' program, but Mom manages to slip all of them in there so we are getting a variety.

As for Halloween we never know quite what to make of a holiday that has people constantly ringing our doorbells, demanding candy, wanting to pet us, and then leaving only to have another group come up and do the same thing. It is all rather confusing and some what disturbing.

Hope you all have a peaceful and Happy Halloween.

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Halloween Fun

Our neighbors turn their yard into a haunted yard every year for Halloween. We decided to go visit before it got dark and crowded with trick or treaters. Dad helped the neighborhood holiday atmosphere by playing creepy Halloween themed music that added to their scary sounds across the way. The kids loved it.

We love the attention we get. People are always telling us how cute we are and we get tons of requests to be petted. Just saying when you are cute who needs a costume. Mom did make us wear bandanas.

Annie was delighted that the Halloween flag featured a Sable Sheltie. The Patriotic one Mom found has a tri-colored Sheltie and she was feeling left out. Mom was surprised at how much this one looks like Annie if Annie would ever willingly wear a costume.

Mom has not been great about Blogging, but we are trying to check in on everyone when we can. We haven't seen news about the card exchange. If anyone has news please leave us a message. It is something we look forward to every year.

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Terrific Tuesday: Halloween Fun

Mom was very pleased that Katy and I were celebrating Halloween on Saturday. We aren't much into costumes, but we do love our bandannas. After Bailey's diagnosis, Mom was very concerned Bailey wouldn't be around to greet the trick or treaters this year.

Well, instead we had a busy night greeting kids who came to the door. Mom was amazed at how many kids seem to remember and ask for us when they come to the door. Bailey loves trying to peak through Dog Dad's legs to see the kids and greet them. Even Katy peeked around the door to get a look at the kids this year. In years gone by she's run and hidden every time the door bell rang.

One of our neighbors sets up a haunted yard each year, which helps draw crowds to the neighborhood. Katy was desperate to go visit the crew setting up, so Dog Dad took Bailey and Katy for a walk before dark and she did a safety inspection before the kids showed up.

Friday, October 31, 2014

Happy Halloween

We're back and isn't it fitting we appear on Halloween. Once again, Mom has gotten distracted with other life chores and our Blog has gotten dusty. However, we weren't going to let the holiday pass without a greeting.

She did manage to find our Halloween toys when she pulled out the decorations, so we can't complain too much.

Our thanks to Lassiter and Chase for the reminder to sign up for the Holiday Card exchange. We rushed over to leave a post to add us to the list. It is one of our favorite activities of the year.

Tonight Bailey was hoping to have a chance to experience trick or treating from the other side of the door since we are rumored to have some sheep visiting us tonight to check out the neighborhood for some candy. However, he was most disappointed that Dog Dad said he couldn't handle sheep and one excited Sheltie at the same time. Katy had no interest in leaving the house. In fact she probably only dislikes the fireworks on the Fourth of July more than the doorbell and the constant door banging from Halloween. She does seem to find the costumed sheep interesting because she has been known to peek out and spy on the invading sheep.

We wish all of you a fun and safe Halloween. Hope you get some dog treats tonight.