Wednesday, June 23, 2021

Happy 13th Birthday Katy!!

Katy becomes a teenager. It is hard to believe my baby girl has turned the corner to becoming a teenager. It seems only a moment ago that we put Bailey into the car on a Labor Day weekend to go pick up a beautiful shy Sheltie girl to bring her home.

Happy Birthday my beautiful girl. We are so glad you came to be with us.

Monday, June 21, 2021

Bailey's 5th Anniversary

With a friend having lost his dog this week and my own dear Katy turning 13 this week, my thoughts have been returning to Bailey. It is hard to believe its been 5 years, but our dear boy crossed the rainbow bridge 5 years ago today.

I find it hard writing about Bailey because it reminds me of what is to come rather than focusing on what I have today with my other two. However, Katy is coming to that milestone birthday Bailey reached and rather than facing it with fear today I want to celebrate the great joy that both dogs have brought into our lives. It was brutal watching Bailey go in that last year but I can't forget his gentleness, his kindness, and his love of play.

I will always love you my dear boy.