Monday, June 21, 2021

Bailey's 5th Anniversary

With a friend having lost his dog this week and my own dear Katy turning 13 this week, my thoughts have been returning to Bailey. It is hard to believe its been 5 years, but our dear boy crossed the rainbow bridge 5 years ago today.

I find it hard writing about Bailey because it reminds me of what is to come rather than focusing on what I have today with my other two. However, Katy is coming to that milestone birthday Bailey reached and rather than facing it with fear today I want to celebrate the great joy that both dogs have brought into our lives. It was brutal watching Bailey go in that last year but I can't forget his gentleness, his kindness, and his love of play.

I will always love you my dear boy.


  1. A difficult anniversary, for sure, but you have such sweet memories of your lovely boy to cherish.

  2. I know you are remembering all the great times. That's what keeps them in our hearts forever.

  3. Those anniversaries are always the hardest. I can't believe it's been a year and a half since we lost Amber. Max is still hanging on but still misses his sister. He'll be 18 years old soon and I try to make the most of every day we still have with him. Give Katy extra hugs every day.

  4. We never forget them, they take a piece of our heart.


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