Thursday, June 30, 2011

Katy the Sentry

Mom has called me a stalker and Bailey says that is not a complimentary term. However, I am a sentry. It is my job to patrol the wall. On the other side of the wall is a friend I never get to play with, but we do meet nose to nose from time to time. We share information about the state of the neighborhood. One time I was very surprised when a beagle head popped almost completely out from under the fence. I learned the beagle was just visiting.

Mom has been using treats to train me to stay away from the fence. She does not want to create problems with the neighbors who so far have not been interested in a play date. I love my treats, but it is so hard to resist checking on my friend.

So just to clear the record I am not a stalker, no matter what Mom says.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Meet My Fuzzy Bone

Birthdays are so cool.

This is my new fuzzy bone. Mom said something about replacing the old fuzzy bone, but this is my bone. It works well as a squeeky, chew toy.

It also can be used as a pillow when chewing on a real bone.

Bone also provides some protection from bone stealing brothers. Two fuzzy bones can be distracting and give me a chance to get away with the real prize.

Monday, June 27, 2011

My New Birthday Ball

I got a new ball for my birthday. I just started playing with it when...

Bailey took my new ball!!!

After some discussions, I got it back.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Party Games

Bailey did not mention there would be party games. Dad and Mom were excited about this present. Bailey said he saw the box, but was not that interested because he could not tell what was in it. It did not smell like anything but plastic and cardboard so he did not think it was likely to be very interesting. He was so wrong.

Mom and Dad bought me the Nina Ottosson Dog Brick Interactive Dog Toy and they taught Bailey and I how to play with it at my birthday party. Mom said she was not sure how we would react to the toy. We had looked at it in the store and been casually interested. Once Mom added the treats Bailey and I were having a hard time waiting for our turn to try to find the treats hidden under the sliding panels.

I love that I can use my nose and my paws to find the treats. Bailey is quick at it and wanted to "help" me when it was my turn. Mom held him so I could have a chance to do it all by myself. Mom has promised we can play again soon.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Happy Birthday Katy!

While it is here, I am finally three. I am celebrating my birthday the first time! Bailey and I had the zoomies this morning. We kept leaping on the bed to get Mommy up. Daddy had to leave early so Mom said we would be celebrating tonight. Imagine having to go to work early for a meeting on my birthday! Dad and Mom did sing some silly birthday song though.

Bailey says he has seen my presents and there are some great gifts. It is not fair I have to wait until Daddy comes home. Mom promises there will be some special treats and fun during the day. It is raining so we will not be playing much outside. Bailey says the place we are going walking this weekend is fun. There are woods and many wonderful things to smell. I hope the weather is good so we can go.

I am not sure I can make it until Dad gets home. I feel a zoomie coming on.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Birthday Suggestions

I am going to be three on Thursday. I have never celebrated birthdays before. I never even knew how old I was until Mom and Dad started talking about age and birthdays. I learned about birthday presents when I saw the stack Bailey got and got to share his bones and play with his new toys. Mom and Dad then realized they needed to plan for my birthday, too. Bailey said this year was pretty low key as birthday's go.

So, what suggestions do you guys have for my birthday. Bailey says Mom and Dad have some cool presents tucked away. He thinks I should ask for a trip to a local park to go walking this weekend since I am not crazy about lots of visitors and crowds.

My dream would be a visit next door, but that is not happening. I am not sure I will ever have my dream play date, although we have met on-leash and we do sniff noses under the fence.

Any ideas?

Monday, June 20, 2011

Blogger Award

Opie Mom's Blog gave us the Versatile Blog Award and we wanted to say thank you for considering us. We have really enjoyed the chance to become part of the pet blogging community and meet so many interesting pet bloggers. We also wanted to thank you for inspiring Mom to tell more stories about us.

A few months ago, a craft blogging colleague wrote a painful blog that she was harshly criticized for passing on similar awards without knowing if people wanted to play so it has made me more careful about how I approach these awards.

I have decided on a non-traditional approach. I am going to provide a link for those who want the original rules of the award here .Then I am going to use this time for my "award speech" to thank the people who have really helped me since I started this pet blog, these can be my award nominees for anyone who would like to participate. They can choose to participate or just accept my heartfelt gratitude for their kindness in this blogging journey. In that way people who want to continue the award to do so and anyone who wants to opt out can, too.

The Nominees:

In alphabetical order as not to offend:

Bailey be Good

Bailey be Good is the story of Bailey and Nala. Bailey is a remarkable storyteller. Her countdown to her first birthday was delightful to follow. Bailey's Mom has contributed to my blogger education dramatically. Her hard work and dedication to keeping us updated is greatly appreciated.

BZ Training

This blog follows the author's daily training shoots with her dogs. I find it challenging to comment because each day is an amazingly beautiful selection of photographs. I lack the ability to add much with my comments. I have learned a great deal by reading her commentary. I am impressed with her ability to analyze and discuss the assignments and her attempts in an honest and insightful manner. While I did not think I was capable of learning much about the differences she discusses, in the time I have been reading I am starting to understand some of the items she is pointing out as areas to be worked on in future shots. Not that I could ever attempt the shot, but it is interesting to realize after reading her blog I am just barely starting to see some of what she is talking about in her shots. I celebrate my personal growth.

Dakota's Den

While she is most know for her cat blog, we Sheltie families stick together. I love the pictures on Dakota's Den. I learned to add Word Press blogs to my Blogger follow so I could follow Dakota's Den. We know cats are big, but we think Shelties need a voice, too.

Dog Foster Mom

Bailey and Katy were both blessed in being part of a rescue that uses foster parents. Bailey came to us as a four-month puppy fully house broken. That was nothing short of miraculous in my mind.

I found Foster Mom's blog on one of the pet blog sites and started following. Her stories of rescue work and the pets needing homes are inspiring. Blogs like hers continue to educate and inform the public about the work involved with rescue and fostering pets.

Eva the Sheltie:

Eva was one of our first followers. She never fails to leave a supportive kind comment every day. She takes the most wonderful Sheltie photographs and tells beautiful stories of her life as a Sheltie princess. Katy finds that particularly inspiring.

Key West Collies

I recently started following Key West Collies after reading about the blog on another blogger’s website. I followed the story through the loss of a beloved collie to the beginning of a relationship with a new puppy. The updates have been wonderful and I look forward to watching this dog grow.

Kohl's Notes

Kohl's Notes was discovered after joining a few pet blogging communities. This story of Kolchak Puggle combines humor and education. I have learned a great deal by reading of Kolchak's Mom's efforts to cook and bake for this most cared for Puggle.

My Brown Newfies

This is another blog I discovered during my blog community explorations. I have never met a Newfoundland. The pictures on this blog are amazing. The stories told in the pictures almost do not need words they are so well done. I realized as I was making a list, that this blog was not on my follow list so I corrected that.

Sara's Blog

Who can resist Chewy and Oreo's antics? I have to visit daily to see my favorite puppy and watch Oreo learning to interact with the pup. Chewy has given me that Auntie experience. I can enjoy the puppy from afar knowing our next rescue is likely to be Katy's age. We will not be doing the puppy thing again. I also have loved watching the training videos. They have given me some great ideas for working with Katy and Bailey.

Two Grad Students and a Pittie

I really have not known too many Pitt bulls. Sadly, the few I have met have not been well trained. I have really enjoyed meeting responsible Pitt bull bloggers who can share their experiences and explain what they have done differently. This blog is a great advocate for Pitt ownership.

I must say I love the stories they tell. They make living in the city an adventure and I look forward to reading the adventures of the dental and law student as Havi waits for them to be free to play.

I am grateful for all of your support and encouragement, as I have started this Sheltie blog. It has been a fun journey so far and I am hopeful that it will continue to be even more rewarding.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Happy Doggy Daddy's Day

Dear Dad,

We take this occasion to thank you for all the wonderful doggy Daddy things you do.

You dig snow paths so we go out back in the winter.

The grass is kept short in the summer.

There are always bones and treats in the doggy cabinet.

You like long walks and understand the need to respond to dog messages.

There is never a time when a ball does not trigger interest in playing.

There are so many things we could say, but we would much rather spend the time playing than having you read. We just want you to know we love you and want you to have another wonderful year with us.


-Katy & Bailey

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Picture Thiefs

Bailey be Good was kind enough to inform the pet community of an attack on our personal property yesterday. I wish I could say this is the first time I have had Internet property stolen. Sadly, it is not.

I am committing to learning more about protecting myself and fighting back. If you want pictures, there are legitimate sites that offer free pictures. Morgue Files is one place to go for free pictures. There are others if you do not wish to take your own or pay for use. You do not just go to random blogs and websites and steal from others.

I have written about people stealing on my craft blog. Sadly, I did not anticipate the need to write about it on my dog blog. I own the pictures, they are not free to use just because you happen to like them. It is called STEALING.

There is a completely new skill set I need to learn to protect my blogs from people who cannot understand the idea of property rights. Not that I had other plans for this week I needed a new project. Thankfully, there are wonderful people in the blogging community willing to share their knowledge. Unfortunately, all acknowledge no system is safe against people willing to steal the work of others. However, we can make it as challenging as possible.


After following Bailey be Good's lead I contacted the publisher yesterday and while I am reviewing the only pictures still showing on the site are the ones with Blog Paws URL's. While all of them have my name, not all of them are my pictures or were on my page there which confuses me. I also am not sure if these can be removed without Blog Paws complaining. I have not been able to find any Sheltie Times URL's on the page.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

CMDART Central MA Disaster Animal Response Team

Last week the dogs promised I would write a blog about the emergency group that sponsored the agility training booth at the Whisker Walk. I wanted a chance to find their website so others could learn more and perhaps find out what resources are available in their area.

CMDART is short for Central Massachusetts Disaster Animal Response Team. They are not an emergency shelter in the way most people think of animals in harm’s way needing immediate help. This group deploys during emergencies in the way the Red Cross deploys for humans in disasters or emergencies that require evacuations, etc. Since many human shelters do not accept pets, this group fills that gap providing safe havens for pets during those emergencies so pet and owners can be safely reunited.

The booth we visited had checklists and kits for people to purchase to help them get their pets ready for evacuation. They emphasized the need to have accurate vet records, medication, and picture identification with pet and owner easily accessible in an emergency. I had never thought of the photograph with you and the animal. They emphasized that it was far easier to prove ownership if you could show a picture with the animals. Having your pet's food and crate is also something worth having ready to put in your car if headed to an emergency pet shelter. The website also provided a list of pet friendly hotels in the area they cover.

Prior to visiting this booth, I was not aware that any group existed like this in our state. I would be interested to know what others know about emergency evacuation options are available in their states.

To be clear I am not associated in any way with this group. I do not want anyone to think I speak for the team. I do not. My first encounter with the group was at the Whisker Walk. Lately, I have become more concerned with emergency preparations. I know others share this interest. I plan to share reliable resources and information when I find it.

Monday, June 13, 2011

We Warned You about the Evils of Veggie Gardens

Mom and Dad keep talking about their veggie gardens. Fellow bloggers keep blogging about their veggie gardens and nobody discusses that they infringe on our play space and are just too tempting to resist.

Last week Katy and I were playing and just "happened" to wander into the back veggie gardens. No veggies were killed in our wanderings, although I must admit I was not paying much attention. I told Katy we might be able to get out of it by making Mom prove they were our paw prints, but Mom saw one small and one larger size dog prints and was not willing to provide us with legal counsel. Instead, Dad built a small enclosure so now we cannot get near the back corner. This is the best place to track squirrels and now it is off limits for the growing season.

Therefore, my fellow dogs beware of these veggies. Oh, they say they are harmless. They even will tell you how good they are for our humans. However, the first sign of a dog print and you will learn of the evil veggie plot to take over your territory. When I get some photographs I will demonstrate the encroachment.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Looking at the Agility Course

Mom and Dad took us to a booth hosted by a group trying to raise money for emergency pet shelters. The man at the booth said animals are not allowed in human shelters during emergencies so his group provides a place for animals to go. Mom says she is going to blog about this group next week. Mom and Dad decided we should have a chance to look at the field.

Bailey treated this as if it was a doggy playground. He thought the obstacles were fun. The woman led him around the obstacles. With treats, he tried each one. I did not mind the jumps. Those were OK. However, I just could not understand the point and I did not like strangers. Mom ended up leading me around.

I was sorry to disappoint Mom, but I just did not understand why she wanted me to go through all these exercises. Dad says we might do better next year.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Bailey Wins a Bed

Mom said there would be things to do, but she never mentioned how much work it could be at this Whisker Walk. Mom took us to the Tennis Ball Fetch Booth and she was so excited. Katy was no help, so it was up to me to take on the challenge. How hard can it be to fetch one tennis ball you ask. Well I froze.

There were all these tennis balls I needed to herd and protect so they would not escape. I have never seen so many tennis balls. How was I possibly going to be able to protect them all? I actually froze. I could not possibly be expected to watch all these tennis balls. While I was trying to process how best to take care of all of them, Mom is trying to distract me by tossing tennis balls to me. She did not understand the gravity of the situation. While she is throwing balls to me, one could escape. The fencing was flimsy and not designed for tennis ball capture and retention.

Eventually I got distracted and caught a ball. Mom was so excited. There was some writing on the ball. Mom called it a number. The woman looked at the number and then at her paper and Mom got to pick out a bed for me, just because I caught a ball! Katy was still refusing to help, so I caught another ball and the lady checked that number and we got a box of treats.

Mom said I helped doggies at the Sterling Shelter by playing the game. Dad says both Katy and I will do better next year. I am not sure about that, but I love my new bed, which is big enough for Katy and me to share. Mom says she will post a picture of it when she gets one with both of us in it.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Walking in a Pack

We are not sure why Mom and Dad decided to take us for a walk in the woods with all these other dogs, but it was so fun. There were dogs of every size and shape. Bailey and I were confused because some dogs were riding in doggy strollers. We had never seen one before, but we saw several on Sunday. Dad could never keep us in one of those things.

There was only one scary loud dog and Bailey practiced what Dad calls the Bailey pick and put himself between the other dog and me. The dog seemed surprised to find Bailey there, but moved on without incident. I followed Bailey and Dad the whole mile and there was so much to see and smell. The only bad thing was Mom fell in a pothole and twisted her ankle. That slowed me down a bit. She has to be more careful.

Dad was disappointed because we would not use his new water bottle. We were just too excited and we did not even drink from the water bowls the walk people provided. Mom said something about training us to use them in a less stressful situation. I told Bailey I think that means cookies so that is a good thing, right?

After the walk, we got free doggy frozen yogurts. Bailey ate his quickly. Katy got all nervous and only took a few licks of hers. How could she waste such a delicious frozen treat? Mom would not let me finish hers.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Whisker Walk was Wonderful

The dog's worst fears were not realized we made it to the walk and it was a wonderful event. We could not find the Buddy Dog booth to make our donation for the walk with so we donated our money to the Sterling Animal Shelter and got two Whisker Walk t-shirts. We chose Sterling since they seem to be the main sponsors of the event. Our first choice New England Sheltie Rescue being located in CT was not a likely participant for a Massachusetts event.

The dogs had a wonderful time. They will be blogging their stories about the event all week. Katy did so much better than I expected. She loved the actual walk. She had such bounce in her walk and was not at all intimidated by the huge numbers of people or other dogs. As long as she trailed Bailey, she was happy as could be during the mile walk.

Bailey and Katy discovered dog sports. I have blogged several times, about how they love to watch human sports with their Dad. Well for the first time Bailey saw humans and dogs watching doggy sports. There were flyball and agility demonstrations and Bailey and Katy were fascinated spectators. His head would jump up, as a dog would miss a tag or a gate while watching flyball, just like his Dad does when watching a play on TV. He had the same reaction to watching agility.

Katy and Bailey will be discussing their own first experience with the agility ring later on in the week. Let us just say Bailey loved it and Katy could not see the purpose. She still needs more time getting used to strangers and being comfortable with new situations before we would ever consider doing any training in this area. However, she did do a few exercises and was quite proud of her success.

The crowds were wonderful. When you bring that many dogs and humans together, it can be a challenge. We had no bad dog or human incidents. Dogs were restrained and we had no incidents of children attacking the dogs. I cannot speak for anyone but myself, but I was amazed to see what a great respectful community assembled. I hope that that spirit spreads out to more events that are not dog centered, but still have dogs and humans interacting.

We came back from Whisker Walk and did fulfill one of the dogs’ fears, the evil veggie’s are in the garden. This means no more playing in the gardens or as Katy refers to them, the sandboxes.

I will leave the dogs to tell the stories of our adventures. I will say if there is a Whisker Walk 2012, we will be back. I have no association with the group that planned this, but I want to say thank you for a wonderful day.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Full Speed Ahead to Whisker Walk

Keeps your paws and fingers crossed everyone. Mom and Dad said we are on for Sunday's Whisker Walk. We are so excited, but Sunday is still so far away and they can still get in trouble between now and then.

Dad bought us a new water bottle to try out. Bailey can be a bit tricky about drinking while traveling. Katy has never tried so she has no idea about the challenges of drinking in strange places. Katy also has a new leash for the trip that she did not get to try out at Paws in the Park.

Dad is going to do battle with the evil veggie gardens on Saturday. They could attack him and leave him unable to go on Sunday. We have watched these evil veggies at work. Well Bailey has and he says they can be very dangerous.

For anyone in the area interested in attending the event is at the Lancaster Fairgrounds in MA. The directions or address for those with GPS can be found here. Hopefully, we will be there to see some of you.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

The Tornadoes Missed Us

While there were nasty thunderstorms, we were outside the tornado zone here in Massachusetts last night. We waited anxiously to hear from family who were inside the zone. We were blessed that everyone was safe.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to those who were killed, hurt, or suffered damage from the storms.