Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Walking in a Pack

We are not sure why Mom and Dad decided to take us for a walk in the woods with all these other dogs, but it was so fun. There were dogs of every size and shape. Bailey and I were confused because some dogs were riding in doggy strollers. We had never seen one before, but we saw several on Sunday. Dad could never keep us in one of those things.

There was only one scary loud dog and Bailey practiced what Dad calls the Bailey pick and put himself between the other dog and me. The dog seemed surprised to find Bailey there, but moved on without incident. I followed Bailey and Dad the whole mile and there was so much to see and smell. The only bad thing was Mom fell in a pothole and twisted her ankle. That slowed me down a bit. She has to be more careful.

Dad was disappointed because we would not use his new water bottle. We were just too excited and we did not even drink from the water bowls the walk people provided. Mom said something about training us to use them in a less stressful situation. I told Bailey I think that means cookies so that is a good thing, right?

After the walk, we got free doggy frozen yogurts. Bailey ate his quickly. Katy got all nervous and only took a few licks of hers. How could she waste such a delicious frozen treat? Mom would not let me finish hers.


  1. Oh dear, hope your mom's ankle is okay!

    So glad that you had a good day out there, try to drink some water next time. I like to drink water from the water bottle. The water tastes the same as the home water. I'm so envy that you got to eat some frozen yogurts. It sounds so delicious.
    ~ Eva

  2. Sounds like a nice walk, even if a bit overwhelming at times. Always good to experience new things!

  3. I hope your human's ankle is feeling better now. But I am glad you had such a fun weekend! It sounds like such a fun event. My dog has never been lucky enough to taste puppy frozen yogurt. I am sure she'd be very jealous if she knew!

  4. Hope your mom's ankle is feeling better.

    I had to "train" my dogs to drink out of one of those water bottles. I don't think I'l have to train Chewy, he's a waterholic.

  5. It sounds like a fun time. I would have scarfed that yogurt right up!

    Nubbin wiggles,

  6. oh no! I hope your Mommy's ankle is ok!! That isn't good!
    I bet that frozen yogurt was yummy! Could sure go for one right about now!

  7. What fun! Sounds like you had a great time!


  8. The frozen yogurt sounds sooo good!

  9. I am glad you had fun Katy and Bailey

  10. What a fun day, we hope your Mom's ankle gets better soon.
    (From Bella and Ollie who can't sign into their account to leave comments)

  11. Oh dear! Sore ankles are no fun. Especially if mom can't walk you until it gets better! I'm pretty sure I know a pair of golden boys who would be happy to take any uneaten yogurt off your paws. :)


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