Thursday, June 9, 2011

Bailey Wins a Bed

Mom said there would be things to do, but she never mentioned how much work it could be at this Whisker Walk. Mom took us to the Tennis Ball Fetch Booth and she was so excited. Katy was no help, so it was up to me to take on the challenge. How hard can it be to fetch one tennis ball you ask. Well I froze.

There were all these tennis balls I needed to herd and protect so they would not escape. I have never seen so many tennis balls. How was I possibly going to be able to protect them all? I actually froze. I could not possibly be expected to watch all these tennis balls. While I was trying to process how best to take care of all of them, Mom is trying to distract me by tossing tennis balls to me. She did not understand the gravity of the situation. While she is throwing balls to me, one could escape. The fencing was flimsy and not designed for tennis ball capture and retention.

Eventually I got distracted and caught a ball. Mom was so excited. There was some writing on the ball. Mom called it a number. The woman looked at the number and then at her paper and Mom got to pick out a bed for me, just because I caught a ball! Katy was still refusing to help, so I caught another ball and the lady checked that number and we got a box of treats.

Mom said I helped doggies at the Sterling Shelter by playing the game. Dad says both Katy and I will do better next year. I am not sure about that, but I love my new bed, which is big enough for Katy and me to share. Mom says she will post a picture of it when she gets one with both of us in it.


  1. I love the way this is written from Bailey's perspective. I bet they are loving the new bed, can't wait to see a picture!

  2. Congratulations. Seems like you earned a nice rest on your new bed!

  3. Wow! You rock at the tennis ball game! Hope your new bed is comfy and the treats are yummy.


  4. Congratulations! Is your new bed comfy? I'd love to see pictures of your prize. :)

  5. Congrats on winning the dog bed!! "Tennis ball retention" - LOL!! Too funny!

  6. Hi Y'all!

    BOL! ROOO,ROOO!! Looks like you earned your retriever stripes!!

    Y'all come by now,
    Hawk aka BrownDog

    P.S. Sorry if y'all have trouble rememberin' who I am, but blogspot's been givin' me problems commentin'...hope it lets me this time.

  7. congratulations Bailey!! That was hard to do and you didn't just do it did it TWICE!!!!

    Great job! Enjoy your new bed and your treats and I bet the doggies are so happy that you helped them!

  8. You did great, Bailey! Hope your bed is comfy and you love it!
    May be you can start teaching Katy how to fetch tennis balls at home so next time she can win a bed for herself too.

  9. This sounds like such a fun game! Congrats on the bed and box of treats, it sounds like you helped out a great cause.

  10. Sounds like a pawsome game!! Well done on your win!
    I would be good at that, I like to catch tennis balls.

  11. Woof! Woof! Golden CONGRATS! Happy Friday Weekend. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar


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