Friday, August 27, 2021

Happy 5th Gotcha Day Annie!!!

It has been a some what noisy summer as Mom and Dad have been getting repairs done on the house. Katy and I are sharing a new deck as this year's gotcha present. I must say we weren't thrilled with the idea of a new deck. The old deck was special. It was here even before Bailey. Dog Dad said that was the point. It had been here a very long time and it needed to be replaced. We had our doubts. A whole week of having no freedom to come and go on our own was rather stressful.

Also with all these crazy tropical storms and then threats of tornadoes we haven't really had the chance to experience being out on the deck. It has merely been a means of exiting and entering the house. We are hoping as the fall weather comes we will come to appreciate the new deck as much as the old.

Mom says it is hard to believe it is 5 years since she and Dog Dad returned from their Maine vacation with Katy and then went to CT to go and bring me home. I'm not sure how they got along without me. I take very good care of all of them. After all who would have been Dog Dad's office Dog during COVID? Katy is certainly not office dog material.

We aren't around as much anymore. We have kept reading and following our friend's blogs. It is good to know others are still out there blogging. Mom has focused more on her craft stuff but she is still interested in the pet world.