Friday, October 31, 2014

Happy Halloween

We're back and isn't it fitting we appear on Halloween. Once again, Mom has gotten distracted with other life chores and our Blog has gotten dusty. However, we weren't going to let the holiday pass without a greeting.

She did manage to find our Halloween toys when she pulled out the decorations, so we can't complain too much.

Our thanks to Lassiter and Chase for the reminder to sign up for the Holiday Card exchange. We rushed over to leave a post to add us to the list. It is one of our favorite activities of the year.

Tonight Bailey was hoping to have a chance to experience trick or treating from the other side of the door since we are rumored to have some sheep visiting us tonight to check out the neighborhood for some candy. However, he was most disappointed that Dog Dad said he couldn't handle sheep and one excited Sheltie at the same time. Katy had no interest in leaving the house. In fact she probably only dislikes the fireworks on the Fourth of July more than the doorbell and the constant door banging from Halloween. She does seem to find the costumed sheep interesting because she has been known to peek out and spy on the invading sheep.

We wish all of you a fun and safe Halloween. Hope you get some dog treats tonight.