Wednesday, July 17, 2013

What's Wrong with This Picture?

Monday, July 15, 2013

Will Someone Please Get Polly a Cracker?

Years ago our Aunty discovered these amazing toys that speak. We've had dogs that barked, fish that make bubbly noises, ducks that quacked and we have loved them all. Lately Katy's favorite has been a Koala that sounds like a child when it laughs. Katy got some new ones for her birthday and Mom recently has taken to asking why someone won't get Polly a cracker? She doesn't seem to understand the joy of biting into a toy and have it talk to you over and over. She said something about her sister getting even with her for a See and Say toy she bought for her nieces years ago. Despite the fact that she questions her sanity, it hasn't stopped Mom from hunting down new ones for our birthdays.

I'm awfully glad Mom makes us share because Katy got the best toys ever this year. Polly is so much fun to make talk.

Monday, July 8, 2013

We Celebrated Mom's Birthday with Frozen Dog Yogurt

We've been celebrating Mom's birthday all weekend and one of the best parts was the frozen yogurt. It's nice to know Mom and Dad don't leave us out of the celebrations. We just can't understand why Mom can be so excited over presents that don't squeak.

Things have been busy around here with Mom and Dad working on the summer gardens and doing more cooking. We have never understood why it takes so long for humans to make a meal when we live on kibble.

Mom did finally find a solution to her disappearing Blogger Reader. She's using The Old Reader to follow all her friends. For various reasons she didn't want to move to Google + and she wanted something simple. While she couldn't get the import all at once to work, she was able to manually load her friends on to the new reader and she doesn't think she lost anyone. It isn't quite as good as the old system. However, by creating folders by topic, she has at least found a way to get the latest updates by category. For the moment it is a solution to a problem she was avoiding.