Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Wordless Wednesday: Plotting

Tuesday, January 14, 2014


With all the excitement of playoff football and supervising the humans putting away all the Christmas decorations I'm exhausted. While the tree is FINALLY down, they are still packing away boxes into the attic. The stuff multiplies every year. It is quite hard to supervise all this clean up. Don't let Frankie kid you the snowmen are not the worst of it. There are all kinds of Christmas things that can attack when they are being packed away. They so don't want to go to the attic for the rest of the year. Oddly enough, our Christmas toys were some of the first things to be packed. Mom promises as soon as the Christmas stuff is in the attack she'll locate our Valentine's Day toys.

Our football team is advancing on to the next round and we are so excited. Unlike baseball and basketball, football has half time. Dad's friend brings dog cookies for the game and we get one for the start of the game and one for half time. This time he even brought an over time cookie, but there was no need our team won with plenty of scores to spare. I'm glad we won, but that overtime cookie was just waiting there to be eaten. I was kind of hoping it could be a celebration cookie, but no. On to next week.

We are trying to find a way to put cookies into Olympic events. Perhaps cookies for American Gold medals? Mom's not buying it.

Monday, January 13, 2014

Mud Baths Lead to Dog Showers

On TV we heard them talking about the benefit of mud for your skin. Mud we have as the snow melt has left us with a muddy mess. So while we were out exploring we thought we'd show Mom how we were going to take care of our skin.

Mom was not as pleased with our efforts as we thought. In fact she was so horrified, she didn't stop to take before photographs. She hurried us off to take doggy showers.

Our plumber installed a new attachment to the downstairs bathroom so Mom doesn't have to do a whole tub for us. This thing just sprays and wets us down. Since neither of us likes water the tubby experience has always been unpleasant. There was always the feeling Mom was attempting to drown us. While still not pleasant, for the most part this just feels like we got stuck in a bad rainstorm that comes complete with dog shampoo.

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Christmas Fleece

Mom's Mom made Dad and Dog matching sports fleece blankets for Christmas. The only major league team we don't have is the Bruins. Dad checked and according to the woman where we get our fleece, the NHL hasn't released the rights to hockey fleece. However, thanks to Grandma, we think we are up to date on available fleece binkies for Dad and Dog in Red Sox, Patriots, and Celtics. We've never had Celtics blankets in Dad or dog size before so this is awesome.

Dad already has the Patriots fleece laid out on the couch for next week's playoff. He's letting us enjoy our Celtics blankets. He's resting our Patriots ones for the big game. We are huge football fans and settle in with Dad to watch every game. We watched all the college bowl games with him. We still don't quite understand why they call them bowls. There's no kibble there.

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Ringing in the New Year

As we mentioned in yesterday's post we are behind in our blogging. Like many of our fellow bloggers we participated with our humans in ringing in the New Year. One of our favorite humans came to spend the night. Mom and Dad had board games going on all night.

We had ball games, chase games, and some snow sports going on. We even rung in the New Year with dog treats. It was a wonderful evening.

When we got tired we rested. Those are new Christmas pillow Mom's Mom gave her for Christmas. I think she really meant them for us, but after all the fleece she made, she had to give something to Mom so she didn't feel left out.

We were a bit surprised when nobody went to bed. While Dad is a bit of a night owl. Mama is an early to bed kind of woman. We were so tired when she finally called it a night or day. Then of course she was in no mood to rise and shine on New Years Day when we were ready to play.

Monday, January 6, 2014

Christmas Wreaths Final Picture

We got behind in our postings AGAIN. However, Dad had a really awesome long Christmas vacation and we enjoyed every minute of it with him. So, no blogging. We are going to try to get everyone caught up on what we've been doing this week. First we thought we'd post our Christmas wreaths before they come down. We filled two wreaths and probably could have started a third this year. Suprisingly Mom and Dad got more this year than usual. However, most of them were for us from our wonderful blogging friends.

We had such an amazing Christmas holiday. Christmas Eve we had a house full of grandparents, Aunties, and cousins. It was so crowded and everyone wanted some Sheltie time. Dad's Mom and Dad bought us tons of toys and treats. Mom's Mom made us new fleece blankies in our favorite sports teams. A visiting friend bought us a box of our favorite treats and some toys. We were so thrilled.

Mom and Dad were so tired after hosting Christmas Eve that they went back to bed after letting us out on Christmas morning. We hunted everywhere, but that Santa is better than the Easter Bunny at hiding out stockings. Finally Katy couldn't take it anymore and started scratching at the side of Dad's bed demanding to know where Santa hid the stockings. I think she was afraid she might have been on the naughty list and Santa decided not to leave stockings this year. She was wrong.

Santa filled Dad's socks with toys and bully sticks. Santa makes round bully sticks. These are the coolest things ever because you can stick your paw in the middle and just chew away. He also found new toys that talk. We got a kitty that meows and a frog that ribbits. Mom finds the kitty kind of freaky because it really sounds like there is a cat in the house.