Monday, January 13, 2014

Mud Baths Lead to Dog Showers

On TV we heard them talking about the benefit of mud for your skin. Mud we have as the snow melt has left us with a muddy mess. So while we were out exploring we thought we'd show Mom how we were going to take care of our skin.

Mom was not as pleased with our efforts as we thought. In fact she was so horrified, she didn't stop to take before photographs. She hurried us off to take doggy showers.

Our plumber installed a new attachment to the downstairs bathroom so Mom doesn't have to do a whole tub for us. This thing just sprays and wets us down. Since neither of us likes water the tubby experience has always been unpleasant. There was always the feeling Mom was attempting to drown us. While still not pleasant, for the most part this just feels like we got stuck in a bad rainstorm that comes complete with dog shampoo.


  1. Peeps rarely understand what we are TRYING to do fur THEM or fur Ourselves. Still would not have liked the SHOWER.. Just sayin.

  2. OMD guys you should try and do what I did to my peeps in todays' post. It is payback them afterall. Have a marvellous Monday.
    Best wishes Molly

  3. You know peeps will go spend lots of those green things on mud masks and mud baths and yet when we do it for free they complain...what gives with that?

  4. Sorry guys :( I know you were very proud of your new mudlook.

  5. my mommy does the same thing when we get muddy. ~Tink

  6. Sorry you had to get a shower. Bet you guys looked pawsome with all that mud on you.


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