Friday, September 25, 2015

Who Said Summer is Over?

We have been having unseasonable warm weather and we are enjoying the extra warm spell. Last year winter came early and while we love climbing through the snow there is something about a nice looong fall. We've been enjoying our extended summer activities and hoping the fall season stretches into winter as Mom loves the cool fall weather before the snow hits. She's not as fond of the snow cookies. She doesn't seem to understand their icy goodness.

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Dealing with the Demanding Press

Even when we want a quiet moment of privacy, the press is constantly shooting pictures of us. Even the death stare doesn't deter them from snapping pictures of us.

Bailey is still doing well, eating, playing and chasing Katy around much to her delight. He is living life to the fullest and that is all we can ask.

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Wordy Wednesday: We Thought We Missed the Snow Freaks Invasion

We came online Sunday reading about how Frankie and Ernie's Snowmen had escaped and were invading homes across Blogville. After doing our normal critter checks we did an extra check for snow freaks and we were in the clear.

Then out of the blue we caught this creature trying to sneak up the stairs. It seems he heard there was great snow here last year and while warm now, Mom regularly keeps the house air conditioned when necessary so he thought he'd be fine here.

We were ready to attack, but Mom thought he was soooo cute, she rescued him and thinks he will get along wonderfully with her collection of snowmen that come out every year at Christmas.

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Monday, September 14, 2015

One Day at a Time

We had an amazing weekend. If you didn't know Bailey was dealing with Lymphoma you wouldn't have guessed. The beef and rice diet has been agreeing with him and he has been very playful.

We are are trying to find a balance between denial and grief and live in the moments that will be cherished memories in the future. Lots of play time, cuddles, and silliness that are life with Shelties.

The dogs were groomed this weekend and there was that tense moment as we booked appointments for the next month, do we book one for Bailey or not? We booked. We can always cancel, but while he's never enjoyed groomings, he felt better after this last one. Again it is the balance between denial and pessimism. I don't know how long he has and why not make sure he is clean and comfortable for as long as he has?

Oddly enough while Bailey has been more playful, Katy has been more reserved. Other than chasing bunnies she has been much quieter and calmer lately.

On the bunny front they actually had a coordinated herding movement yesterday. Bailey who has always been more into the garter snake hunts than the bunnies joined in corning an escaping bunny for Katy yesterday turning it in an expert herding movement right towards Katy. Katy was so thrilled that she herded that bunny right to the fence and she and Bailey celebrated their bunny removal.

We thank all of you who have posted your thoughts, prayers, and good wishes. It has meant the world and more. Blogville is and continues to be a very special place for those of us who dwell here.

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Our Hearts are Breaking

The call came this morning, the one we've dreaded. Our hopes had been raised all weekend and this week. Bailey had been his old self more than ever. He's loving the rice and beef diet. He's out chasing the bunnies. He's playing ball like he hasn't wanted to in weeks. Yet, the sad fact is that he has Lymphoma and we are looking at weeks to perhaps a couple of months with our beloved first pup.

I warned myself yesterday, when they called to say the tests were delayed because they wanted to do further testing. I hoped against hope they would tell me it was just being diligent because they hadn't found anything, but a little voice kept warning me.

That being said I'm grateful for this time of hope and enjoyment of his renewed energy, no matter how long it lasts. Even now it is hard to appreciate his renewed life when all I can focus on is losing him. This weekend I focused on loving him and enjoying his company. I appreciated what an amazing gift his life is to our family.

Right now all I can do is cry as I think about losing him and how horrible it will be not to find him constantly at my side when I need him. I want to go back to just loving him for how ever long I have him, but I can't stop the tears.

I know many of you have been there. My own Mom lost her dog to Lymphoma just this week. It is just hard to accept that Bailey won't be here for Thanksgiving and Christmas. That's how close a time we are looking at. Not years from now, but simply the next holiday Halloween is even questionable. He loves greeting the kids when they come for candy. That's a tough blow.

We ask for your continued prayers for Bailey and Katy. I'm not sure how she is going to deal with all of this. She and Bailey have always been close and it has already been causing her stress.

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

No Official News But Liking New Diet

We wanted to thank our Blogville friends for all your prayers. As we said we don't expect any news from the vet until tomorrow, however, Monday's post was preposted over the weekend since Mom was going to be busy on Monday and wanted to make sure the news got out.

Bailey has been eating his beef and rice diet and hasn't been sick once since he started. He's also tolerating his meds. He's been more active since he started eating and that has made everyone hopeful, too. He even helped Katy flush out a bunny this weekend.

It's the first time in months he hasn't turned his nose up at his bowl. In fact instead of running away from his bowl, he's been fighting to keep it from being picked up off the floor, so he can have one more lick to clean up any last scent of the food. That alone is a wonderful change. That is the way he used to eat with the exception of the summer doldrums, the bowl often moving across the pad to get the last possible crumb. There are no guarantees, but the vet seemed to believe he wouldn't start doing better if the worse diagnosis was true.

We will know more tomorrow and we have lots to learn if it is IBS.

Monday, September 7, 2015

Prayer and Good Wishes Request for Bailey

Dear Blogville friends, we are asking all of you for your prayers and best thoughts. Bailey has had some challenges the past few weeks. While he's always been a finicky summer eater, not eating at all is not his way. At his vet's suggestion we've changed food and tried a variety of things, but his weight had dropped dramatically. This past week we took him in over several days for a variety of tests. At first we the were afraid a tumor was the only answer based on the things discussed. However, as tests have continued, we have hope that it might have a more treatable option as the tests have shown no cancer or tumors to this point.

The tough part is with the Labor Day holiday we will have no answers until Wednesday as they took lots of samples to test during an endoscopy on Thursday. We are feeling more hopeful as he has started eating since we started treating for IBS and he is eating rice and beef. Both vets we consulted decided regardless of diagnosis getting him to eat was a priority and if it is IBS getting him on the treatment and diet can only help. He even has gained back a little weight.

Katy has been really stressed out as Bailey has often been gone for a day at a time for his tests. While normally a healthy Sheltie barker, when Bailey has been gone she's stopped barking at all and is highly stressed until he's back home safe.

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Happy 5th Gotcha Day Katy

Mom flipped the calendar and there it was, Katy's gotcha day. However, Mom was sure she must have made a mistake 5. How could it be five? That seemed unlikely, impossible, a copying mistake. Katy couldn't possibly be celebrating her 5th Gotcha anniversary. How did that happen!!!!

Well Mom it did. Katy came to us 5 years ago from New England Sheltie Rescue. So celebrate and accept that time flies when you are chasing your Shelties around.

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Wordy Wednesday: Dealing with Rascaly Rabbits

Rabbits have been a challenge for us. Last winter they moved into the bushes in the front yard and made an icky mess pooping all over the front walk.

Sure he looks harmless enough, but he and his family are home wreckers. Don't let his cute charming features fool you. Don't use the sweet bunny names that people associate with Peter Cottontail, Easter treats, and other sweetness. This creature left alone in your yard is a problem.

This Spring they moved into the back yard perennial garden, but we've made that less hospitable. While we don't have regular access to the front yard, we've made it clear the back yard is ours. At first they thought picking the overgrown perennial garden would thwart us. Well, we just made paths through it and now with regular checks we are keeping public enemy number one at bay.

Bailey has provided mostly spotting services. Katy has been amazing at flushing and herding the bunnies to the exits. She has discovered most of their covert spots that were previously safe zones.

Now we know there are civilized bunnies out there. There are Bunny Bloggers right here in Blogville. Those are not the rascally rabbits to which we refer. These are not the rabbits that break into your gardens and cause havoc all over your yard. We fear talk of a union with the squirrels and chipmunks.

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