Monday, September 14, 2015

One Day at a Time

We had an amazing weekend. If you didn't know Bailey was dealing with Lymphoma you wouldn't have guessed. The beef and rice diet has been agreeing with him and he has been very playful.

We are are trying to find a balance between denial and grief and live in the moments that will be cherished memories in the future. Lots of play time, cuddles, and silliness that are life with Shelties.

The dogs were groomed this weekend and there was that tense moment as we booked appointments for the next month, do we book one for Bailey or not? We booked. We can always cancel, but while he's never enjoyed groomings, he felt better after this last one. Again it is the balance between denial and pessimism. I don't know how long he has and why not make sure he is clean and comfortable for as long as he has?

Oddly enough while Bailey has been more playful, Katy has been more reserved. Other than chasing bunnies she has been much quieter and calmer lately.

On the bunny front they actually had a coordinated herding movement yesterday. Bailey who has always been more into the garter snake hunts than the bunnies joined in corning an escaping bunny for Katy yesterday turning it in an expert herding movement right towards Katy. Katy was so thrilled that she herded that bunny right to the fence and she and Bailey celebrated their bunny removal.

We thank all of you who have posted your thoughts, prayers, and good wishes. It has meant the world and more. Blogville is and continues to be a very special place for those of us who dwell here.


  1. Hmm may Bailey continue to enjoy herding bunnies,xx Speedy

    1. Speedy you notice I said herd, not hurt. The bunnies are choosing to live dangerously. In fact had they been playing football these bunnies would likely be given penalties for taunting. Katy gives a hearty bark to announce its time to clear out and the squirrels and chipmunks take her seriously. They are gone before she clears the back door. The bunnies not so much. They wait and make her work for it. If she wants them to leave, she has to chase them.

  2. We are sending lots of hugs and love.
    Lily & Edward

  3. Sending Bailey soothing thoughts and gentle licks.

    -- Echo Sheltie

  4. just one day at a time and enjoy every moment of them :)

  5. Our wish is for Bailey to keep enjoying the things he loves, for as long as he can!
    Dory, Jakey, Arty & Bilbo

  6. Thinking of your family often and praying for those good days for Bailey.
    Sweet William The Scot

  7. we are with you. Savor each and every moment in each and every day and plan Bailey's life just as you always have. We are praying for a miracle and send you all much love (((hugs)))


  8. I'm glad you are having some good days. We will continue to be thinking of you.

  9. Our mom says she knows just how you feel. One of our Angel Sisters had lymphoma too.

  10. I've been there and done that. Sending you warm and healing thoughts. Treasure the moments and know that she knows she is loved.
    -Wags (and purrs) from Life with Dogs and Cats

  11. i am in tears reading this because it brought back so many memories of my precious kibbles, who i lost to cancer 5 years ago. i have been where you are. i'm so sorry for what you are facing. sending lots of love to you and sending special prayers to st francis for your darling bailey.
    xoxo, bailey unleashed


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