Sunday, November 29, 2015

Monday Mischief: Putting out the Holly Buckets

Mom was quite excited when she moved here to find she had Holly bushes in her own front yard. Oddly they seem to have the best berries in the summer, not the winter as all the fake Holly she's used over the years assured her she'd find. However, this year has been so warm that the bush is very berriful and Dog Dad decided the day after Thanksgiving would be a great day to do its winter trim.

The weather was very tropical for New England on the Friday after Thanksgiving. Mom was out in a short sleeved shirt and her sandals. She hates putting shoes on when its muddy. Mom loves putting out the Holly buckets full of Holly and ornaments to decorate the front yard. She and Dog Dad just never have done the whole Christmas light thing, but she does enjoy having something outside. A few years ago Santa's elves found their way home. Other outdoor decorations have not survived the brutal snow storms, so Mom recruited a gnome planter to help. She may be checking out some outdoor sales to see what she can locate.

We were very helpful supervising and making sure nobody got hurt while working with the pointy Holly.

Mom helped us send out all our digital Christmas cards this weekend to those who requested e-cards and to all those living outside the United States. We have an appointment with Santa on Saturday and hope to get our paper cards made up after that so we can get the rest of the list mailed.

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Thursday, November 26, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving

We wish all our friends in Blogville a very happy and healthy Thanksgiving. Mom preposted this since she and Dog Dad will be busy hosting Thanksgiving for family.

Mom was truly thankful to be able to take this picture of Bailey happily stealing all the Thanksgiving toys. Katy happily stole them back later for those of you concerned. It has been a special gift and we are cherishing every moment.

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Wordless Wednesday: Our First Christmas Card

Our first card arrived on Saturday from Reilly and Denny the Cowspot Dogs. We are putting it in a safe place until the Christmas Card wreaths come out some time after this weekend when Dog Dad bravely enters the attic and digs out the Christmas decorations. The only card we've sent out so far was a Hanukkah card. We are waiting until we see Santa on December 5th to get our Christmas cards made. Then we'll do a mail blast to get our cards out for the Blogville card exchange, family, friends, etc.

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Thursday, November 19, 2015

Thankful Thursday: Bailey's Vet Visit

Bailey went to the Vet on Tuesday to have a check up and see where things are at with his Lymphoma. You see according to his diagnosis he wasn't supposed to be here much past the beginning of Oct. Halloween came and went and he is still chasing Katy around and eating all his meals. He looks like a skeleton, but a pretty healthy one by all accounts. So, we decided it was time to talk to his vet and see what else we could do to make him comfortable.

She quite frankly is shocked. Our Vet is not someone who tends to get excited and exaggerate, but she used the word miracle. She doesn't want to give us false hope, but he is not progressing in the way you'd expect a dog with Lymphoma, not getting chemo, to progress. That doesn't mean the signs won't come, but everything says they should be here now. Seeing him doing this well is a miracle. While he's lost muscle weight, he still is the weight at which he was diagnosed. She was stunned to find him still playing, eating, having regular stool, and frankly living his life to the fullest. She isn't sure what to make of it, but she did suggest we focus on trying to put some weight on without risking him starting to vomit. Vomiting would be a very bad sign. So we increased his beef and rice and he's getting between meals vet recommended kibble, which so far he's been able to keep down and he hasn't turned his nose up after one meal, which was a previous problem.

She debated reducing his steroids, but at this point she didn't want to ruin what is working. He's already on a reduced dosage from his original plan.

Each extra day has been a miracle. Bailey loves Halloween and we thought that would be our Blessing, getting to watch him greet the kids one last time. However, he's continuing to fight. We don't know how long this miracle will last, but there is a good chance with Thanksgiving so close that Bailey will get in his favorite tradition of watching the football games on the couch and getting lots of attention from extended family. Being even more optimistic we booked a visit with Santa for a dog charity fundraiser for December 5th and included Bailey on the list for the photographer. There will be no issue changing to Katy, so it seemed a safe risk.

The Vet gave us credit, but honestly I credit Katy. She has evolved so much since Bailey got sick. She has always been close to him, but now she takes so much more responsibility for their relationship. She will curl up and rest with him when he is really tired. However, she will poke and prod him until he plays with her when she thinks he's just being a cranky old guy. She'll steal his bones or a toy, knowing he can't resist stealing them back and thus keeps him interested in life. She finds things to explore outside and insists he will help. If anyone has provided Bailey with the will to live and to fight Katy has been at the heart of it all. She is not going to let him go without a fight.

We thank all of you for your prayers and good wishes. We certainly have benefited from them. We ask that you continue them as we would love to keep Bailey with us through Christmas and as long after that as God is willing. We are making the most of each day and perhaps that is the blessing in all of this.

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Monday, November 16, 2015

Monday Mischief: Claiming the Mat

This mat will fit both of us, but lately Bailey takes up all the space and we don't share. However, the other day, I snuck it and claimed it for myself. There is no reason why we can't share. Who can resist a nice comfy mat.

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Monday, November 9, 2015

Granite State Sheltie Rescue Calendar

You know we can never resist the chance to plug a good cause. We are not associated with Granite State Rescue. Being from MA, we actually came from New England Sheltie Rescue. However, Mom never misses the chance to support other rescue groups and when it means cute Sheltie pics, well who can resist. Actually, Dog Dad always picks up a couple of commercial Sheltie calendars to decorate the house, so when Mom saw a Rescue Sheltie calendar it seemed an awesome substitute. She gets to support a regional rescue and still enjoy her monthly Sheltie calendar.

Mom ordered hers this weekend. We know there are others out there who might be interested in a monthly Sheltie calendar or they wouldn't keep selling them commercially so we thought we'd put a plug in for a rescue option. You don't have to adopt a Sheltie to help, you can also purchase a rescue calendar instead of buying that Sheltie calendar at your local calendar store.

You can find information about ordering one here. Just a hint, don't make the mistake Mom make and click on the option for international shipping. They give you three options and that was just too confusing for Mom. The first picture is for pick up for locals. The second is for US shipping and the third for International. Of course Mom picks the International and had to back out the order. Most of you can probably figure this out, but we thought we'd mention it since Mom had an issue.

If you know of other rescues that are doing calendars for online purchase it might be worth posting links. They make cute gifts for dog lovers and they support great causes. As we said, we are not associated with Granite State Sheltie Rescue, but we are more than willing to switch from buying a commercial calendar to supporting a Sheltie Rescue. We are sure others would do the same if they had more information that such items were available to buy. Let's spread the word.

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Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Terrific Tuesday: Halloween Fun

Mom was very pleased that Katy and I were celebrating Halloween on Saturday. We aren't much into costumes, but we do love our bandannas. After Bailey's diagnosis, Mom was very concerned Bailey wouldn't be around to greet the trick or treaters this year.

Well, instead we had a busy night greeting kids who came to the door. Mom was amazed at how many kids seem to remember and ask for us when they come to the door. Bailey loves trying to peak through Dog Dad's legs to see the kids and greet them. Even Katy peeked around the door to get a look at the kids this year. In years gone by she's run and hidden every time the door bell rang.

One of our neighbors sets up a haunted yard each year, which helps draw crowds to the neighborhood. Katy was desperate to go visit the crew setting up, so Dog Dad took Bailey and Katy for a walk before dark and she did a safety inspection before the kids showed up.

Monday, November 2, 2015

Monday Mischief: Relocating the Blanket

Mom and Dad have fleece placed on the couch and on our mat for us to use. However, the other day we decided we wanted to share a blankie and moved one to suit us. Mom for some reason thought this was rather adorable and had to capture our private moment.

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