Friday, May 30, 2014

Friday Flowers: Iris

One of Mom's favorite spring flowers is the Iris. She loves the purple ones the best. They've taken a beating lately with the rain and she wasn't sure she'd even get a shot of a yellow Iris before they were completely gone. She thought she had one ready to take last week, the rain hit and it was gone before she even had a chance to capture a picture of it.

Mom is hoping to get a weekend soon with good weeding weather that she and Dog Dad can get out and attack the weeds. When the weather has been good, they've had other commitments. When they've had the time, its been wet and rainy.

We like it when the parents come out to garden because we can usually distract them with a ball. Then we cool off under the Hostas while we supervise them working.

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Bailey's Foot

Nurse Katy is inspecting Bailey's foot after a trip to the Vet. He's had a growth on his paw for a while now and it irritates him. The Vet continues to test the growth and it is benign. Each time the determination has been to keep it under observation. We've discussed removing it with the vet, but it’s in an awkward place which would be challenging to heal.

We are hoping surgery can be avoided, but if he insists on attacking it, the Vet believes at some point surgery may be are only option regardless of the challenge of getting the wound to close after the growth is removed.

We are all saying our prayers that we can find a solution that gives him relief and doesn't damage his paw in providing it.

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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Getting the Veggie Gardens Planted

It was a strange weather weekend. Short bursts of clear weather followed by almost tropical rains. However, Mom and Dad worked hard to get the annual Veggie Gardens dug up, cleared of weeds, and planted for a new season. First up is the tomato garden. We think its kind of odd that the tomatoes have cages. However, they do seem to get a bit wild as the season progresses so perhaps that is why Dad keeps them caged all season.

Mom calls this Veggie Garden 2. Here they planted zuchinni and peppers. The chives are a perennial and grow back every year.

Guarded by Hostas, this is what Mom calls the back Veggie Gardens. This year Mom and Dad decided to plant more of some stuff and get other stuff from the local growers. Back here she hopes to grow more rows of lettuce, spinach, and more zucchini.

Now that the plants are in, we have a great deal more work to do to keep the pests out of Mom and Dad's food. We think we are just putting out a welcome sign inviting more pests, but Mom and Dad are quite excited about their fresh veggies.

Monday, May 26, 2014

Happy Memorial Day!!

We had Mom prepost this because with Dog Dad around we know she'll be too distracted to remember to put up anything. We love long weekends. An extra day with Dad is always a treat.

The morning starts early on Memorial Day. The City has a Memorial Day parade that visits all the war memorials in the area. It isn't like the more formal Labor Day Parade that Mom and Dad go to in the fall. However, even if you aren't there, you can hear it from our house. The bands and the guns are pretty loud. No sleeping in on Memorial Day.

Memorial Day has a special meaning for Mom because her Dad was a Veteran of WWII and Korea. She was always taught to remember that while it was nice to have a long weekend, this day was about more than a day off.

Mom and Dad usually start thinking about the veggie gardens this weekend. They check out the local garden shop and see what he has in for veggie plants and start working on the raised beds. As of this posting, the weather is questionable. However, Mom will still probably talk Dog Dad into checking out the veggie plants. Those go quick if you don't hunt early.

We'll let you know how all of that works out.

We hope you are all enjoying a beautiful Memorial Day with your family and friends.

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Friday, May 23, 2014

Friday Flowers

I know you all thought you were going to get the Lilac bush tree this week. Well, Mama got distracted by other flowers that were blooming. She was actually disappointed that the first yellow Iris was destroyed by rain before she could get a picture. However, she still got some other shots for you this week.

First up are the Bleeding Hearts. These were Mom's Dad's favorites. She had looked for a while to find them at the various Garden Club sales, but always managed to miss her chance. One year she arrived to find they had one sad nearly dead plant left. The stem was broken and they were only asking a dollar for the plant. Since it was a perennial and had a shot at coming back she decided to take a risk. This plant has rewarded her faith more times, than you can imagine.

The City pulled up the street at one point and ended up paving over part of Mom's front perennial garden without ever telling her they intended to do that even though it meets the legal setback for the street. She was sad because she had several flowers she had collected and lost because she didn't have time to transplant. The next summer the Bleeding Hearts emerged pushing along the edges of the tar and continued to spread and grow to the point Mom plans to share the wealth with some friends.

When she spotted yellow from the porch, Mom thought she had discovered the first yellow Iris of the year. Instead, it was a late Daffodil and it was a beauty. We haven't had one here in a few years. We thought it had been destroyed a few years ago when we had critters eat some of the bulbs we planted.

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Sudbury Center Historical Tour

The Mom has a thing for historical places. She is very excited that her hometown is getting into the spirit of their 375th anniversary and offering a variety of history related programs. What makes this so appropriate for Thoughtless Thursday is no dogs were allowed at the event.

On Sunday, Mom and Dad went back to Mom's hometown to do a tour of Sudbury's town center. People met in the Town Hall starting at 2PM and were divided into groups for tours that were supposed to take about 1 1/2 hours. Their tour was a bit longer. While the weather threatened to be nasty, Mother Nature cooperated providing great walking weather.

In order to spread the tour out their tour started out of order.

This is Heritage Park. Bailey has been here a few times when he used to come to the July 4th parade. It was built in 1975 and Mom remembers coming here from Peter Noyes School to the pond to do experiments. It was a beautiful place to visit and just a short walk from the school. They have since added a 9/11 Memorial to the area. This is a beautiful place to walk and to explore.

Next up is a place Mom has seen a few times because it is always open on July 4th and they have a used book sale that she and Dog Dad love to visit. Mom always knew about the house as a memorial to the artist Florence Hosmer who donated it to the town in 1959. However, on the tour she learned the house had been a store, a post office, a ballroom, and a cobbler's shop. It seems they still use the ballroom for some functions and they also run a little gift shop when the house is open for visitors selling historical society items to raise funds for the historical commission.

This is the Fairy Garden located at the Hosmer House. You know how Mom loves gardens.

This is Grinnell Park. It is the town's WWI Memorial. Mom doesn't remember it having a name when she was a child. The tour guide didn't say when it was named, just that it was named for the town's Veteran's agent, a WWII veteran. The name sounds familiar so it might have happened after she left town.

While many people didn't know about this spot, one of the reasons Mom was familiar with it was this was her half way rest stop when she rode her bike to the library. It was a long trip and she would pause here and read the name plates while she caught her breath. According to the guide there are 32 names inscribed on the plate. Mom was very happy to hear the historical commission is looking to replace the plate that is looking worn after all these years. As a child, this used to be where she watched the annual July 4th parade.

Next, we have the First Parish Meeting House. It is currently a Unitarian Church, but it was the literally the first Church built in town. What Mom knew, but others were very shocked to hear, was that town funds built the First Church in 1723. The building was later rebuilt at its current site in 1797.

People often forget Puritans, who had no concept of separation of Church and state, founded Massachusetts. Church was mandatory and when people moved from what is now Wayland to Sudbury, during bad weather the distance to Church was a challenge. However, in order to start another Church they actually had to petition the Colonial government for permission.

Mom doesn't have a picture, but she visited the Loring Parsonage on the tour, too. That was built as an incentive to get Reverend Israel Loring to move to the new district. The First Parish Meeting House served as both a house of worship and a place of town government for many years. The first town hall wasn't even built until 1846. What Mom did learn on the tour is official separation of Church and state didn't occur until 1836. For some reason she thought it was earlier than that.

This is the Grange Hall one of the first public schools in town, built in 1848 and then moved in 1890. It was then sold to the Grange in 1890. In later years has been used by both the Grange and for Town offices.

Mom had no idea what this building was, but once you think about what it’s near it makes sense. It’s called the Hearse building. Prior to cars, this is where the horse drawn hearse for the town was stored. Mom can be excused because while it was built in 1799 it has only been in its current location since 2009 when it was relocated here. The town had previously sold it off when it was no longer needed before the Mom would have known about it.

Last, but not least, this one fascinated Mom as a kid. This was the Town Pound built in 1797. It was 5ft of local stone with a 6th foot provided by wood. The door was self-locking. Once in, the animals weren't going to push themselves out. This area was used to hold animals that were found wandering off their own properties. Animals could not be retrieved without paying the pound keepers fines. The penalties for stealing from the pound keeper were rather steep. No dogs or cats folks, just stray farm animals.

There were 13 stops on the tour and we don’t have pictures of them all. Some were associated with other stops like the Carriage Sheds for the First Parish Meeting House. The picture at the top of the page is the Revolutionary War Monument created in 1896 to honor the veterans of the Revolutionary War. The tour also included the Presbyterian Church, once the Methodist Church, and the Revolutionary War cemetery. Mom has been there many times. The historical society is working hard to restore the site.

There seemed to be a good turnout of people. With interpreters at 13 sites and tour guides to take each group around a great deal of planning and effort went into this event. Mom was glad to see people out supporting it. She wants to thank all the people involved with the event for their hard work and planning. It was a wonderful afternoon. While some of these sites can be visited any time as they are open to public viewing, many are in use and not available to tour. It was a unique opportunity and she was glad the Historical Society planned this event to make these venues available to the public.

Mom was thrilled to find out all the third graders in town are getting to participate in this tour, too. It is nice to see Sudbury introducing itself to the next generation, again. I know I appreciated it as a child. I think this generation will enjoy knowing more about the town's past in a fun interactive way, too.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Wordless Wednesday: Sheltie Investigators 10 Most Wanted List Squirrel 1

Another example of the bold and the arrogant found in our yard. This guy sat posing on our fence gate not carrying it was getting its most wanted picture taken. It completely ignored Bailey's barks, but man when it heard Katy it shot down the fence faster than a Greyhound and flew into the trees at the end of the fence. Bailey is feeling a little dissed at the moment, thus its ranking as number one squirrel on the criminal list. Katy is feeling pretty proud of herself knowing even the top criminals fear her.

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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

The Suspects

We haven't proved to Mom that our long standing enemy is back, but it is important to know your enemy. This is a rabbit. Don't give it the cute bunny name or Moms starting thinking Easter bunny, cartoon bunnies and your cause is lost. Think of it as a veggie thief. It is a cunning master of disguise. Like you, it knows how to use its cuteness to manipulate and get what it wants.

If this were some ugly looking snake, Mom would be right with us telling Dog Dad to hunt it down and make it leave. However, she looks at that face and goes weak. We have used the cuteness manipulation all too often and now it’s coming back to bite us. This criminal is using our own best tool against us.

Memorial Day will soon be here and Mom and Dad will be veggie planting. We need to remove these veggie eating criminals before that happens. First, we have to locate them and prove to Mom and Dad that they are indeed returned. Then we have to find some way for Mom and Dad to stop taking pictures and take action to protect the veggies against these destructive beasts. Sure, they look cute. That is their evil weapon. The plants know better.

Monday, May 19, 2014

Sheltie CSI

We know Mom loves those police shows so it made no sense why she couldn't understand that we had to be in her perennial garden to explore a crime that had occurred here.

Here we are searching for evidence of an intruder. You think the parents would be happy, but all they wanted was for us to give up our crime fighting and leave the crime scene.

We discovered possible nose print evidence here. We don't want to prejudge anything but we suspect bunnies are back in the area. As specialists, we don't prejudge the evidence.

Making sure no evidence no matter how small is left unexplored.

Mom and Dad halted our study. However, we are not giving up. We will continue our study and make sure Mom's perennial garden is protected. We will post more news as we have it.

Thanks you to alfie's blog, ,my brown newfies & snoopy's dog blog for hosting monday mischief blog hop.

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Friday, May 16, 2014

Friday Flowers

Mom has been a bit obsessed with capturing flowers lately. She sent Dog Dad out to get these shots before the cold and rain spoiled the flowers. Sure enough, they don't look like this right now.

This is one of our favorite bushes. Katy is small enough to squeeze under the bushes and go after the bunny that gets into the Veggie gardens that are hidden behind these bushes. The bunnies thought this was a safe highway to the grocery store veggie gardens, but Katie makes it just a bit more challenging when she blocks their access.

Our Lilac bush, which frankly looks more like a tree is in bloom now, too. This is one of Mom's favorites because the blooms smell so good. In the winter, she has Lilac candles. In the spring, she has the real deal to bring in the house. She will probably get some shots of that to post, too.

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Frisbee Fun

We got a free frisbee ring at Paws in the Park. Bailey loves this thing. It's much lighter and easier to grab than his traditional plastic frisbee.

Katy is still a traditional ball girl.

It is great that we are stringing together enough dry days that we can get out back and play. Its been a wet cold Spring and its been a bit swampy for much play. We are finally starting to be able to have our Spring games back.

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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Tuesday Tulips

After a long cold winter full of snow cookies, Mom has become a bit obssessed with looking for the spring flowers that are popping up. So today we bring you Tuesday's tulips. We hope they bring you some cheer they way they do for Mom and Dad when they see them blooming.