Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Getting the Veggie Gardens Planted

It was a strange weather weekend. Short bursts of clear weather followed by almost tropical rains. However, Mom and Dad worked hard to get the annual Veggie Gardens dug up, cleared of weeds, and planted for a new season. First up is the tomato garden. We think its kind of odd that the tomatoes have cages. However, they do seem to get a bit wild as the season progresses so perhaps that is why Dad keeps them caged all season.

Mom calls this Veggie Garden 2. Here they planted zuchinni and peppers. The chives are a perennial and grow back every year.

Guarded by Hostas, this is what Mom calls the back Veggie Gardens. This year Mom and Dad decided to plant more of some stuff and get other stuff from the local growers. Back here she hopes to grow more rows of lettuce, spinach, and more zucchini.

Now that the plants are in, we have a great deal more work to do to keep the pests out of Mom and Dad's food. We think we are just putting out a welcome sign inviting more pests, but Mom and Dad are quite excited about their fresh veggies.


  1. Pawsome gardens! We like how you have them raised up out of the ground. Our Mommy needs to take notes from your blog. Mommy asked the garden guy, where she bought some tomato plants, are there any vegetables that grow back every year and he said no. Mommy said, she knows strawberrys come back. And he said, oh yeah. Now thanks to your blog, we know Chives will come back. (Our Garden guy needs to read more blogs to get more info.)

    1. Mom's been fortunate to work with two garden shops that both are gardeners. Sadly, the first one lost their lease and are gone, but the second one is a family business that's been their since before even Mom was born.

      Asparagus is another perennial. Mom loves it because it starts to grow long before she's even thought about the summer gardens. Sadly around here the crop is almost finished as we are putting in the rest of the summer gardens. You don't get much of a crop the first year, but it continues to spread and you get more each year. Mom says finding it was a fluke. You may have to check a gardening catalog or online site. She's never seen it in a garden store here.

      Dog Dad gets credit for building and maintaining the raised beds. The winters destroyed the first set he built, so this is round 2 for him. While it doesn't cure the weeds, it does keep down the weeds we'd get.

  2. Those are a lot of veggies in your garden. Our pawrents don't do any edible plants just pretty things.

  3. Momma put her garden in too. It's big. I can't wait to run around in it. I tried to chase the farmer machine out in the field. Momma yelled at me. Casey just sat there. Shes not fun. ~ TInk

  4. We can't wait to see your veggie garden when it starts getting yummy veggies
    Lily & Edward

  5. looks like some good veggies

    retro rover

  6. you are going to have one amazing garden and you sure do have some great helpers!

  7. Oh how my Ma misses growing fresh veggies in the summer. Here in South Florida, we have to grow ours in fall/winter because summer is just too hot. Tomato plants wilt like butter in summer. You will have a ton of guarding duty...many critters would love to get in there and eat those veggies.

  8. What wonderful garden beds! You are going to have your hands full keeping the pests away!!

    Dory, Jakey, Arty & Bilbo

  9. Ohhh, what a fun job for you guys....keeping the rabbits away!

    Soon those little plants will be soooooooo tall!

  10. I jumped into the carrot bed the other day, so there is a trail of foot holes...

  11. Veggies, Pawtastic. I help Dog Dad grow pineapples here in Key West.


  12. What a beautiful planter that is going to be! :)

  13. Looks like more than just hostas guarding these veggies.


  14. Lovely gardens, may you get many fresh veggies.

  15. Two of you are so helpful! I love fresh veggies too!



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