Tuesday, October 2, 2012

We Love Fall

Summer has many benefits, but there is nothing like the cool fall weather for outdoor fun.

Mama melts like an ice cream cone so she comes out more when the weather cools down. We get more walks. There are so many interesting smells. The back porch is warm, but lacks that sauna effect of midsummer.

When Mama and Papa clean out the gardens, we have even more room to play. Truly, there are no down sides to fall in New England for a Sheltie.

Monday, October 1, 2012

Fall Has Arrived

We took some time off from blogging. As we mentioned in our last blog one of Mom's relatives was very sick and finally passed away. Mom has not felt much like working on the computer.

Mom and Dad have been walking more and Katy has finally taken up reading pee mail although she rarely responds. Up to this point, walking has been about walking and occasionally meeting other dogs on our walks. However, in the last few days she has finally developed an interest in the environment, stopping to smell the grass along the way.

Football season has arrived and we have our bed positioned right in front of the tv for maximum viewing pleasure. Sometimes we even get to share the couch with Dad. We like watching both college and professional football. Dad has been much calmer since the ref situation has been resolved.

We hope to catch up on all your blogs soon.