Monday, December 19, 2016

Annie and Thomas the Tank Engine

Katy here. Recently Annie had her first experience playing with Thomas the Tank Engine. I had to explain to her why small humans are so fascinated with these big wooden tracks and the little trains that travel on them. I also had to explain it is a banning offense to try to chew on the tracks and thankfully she didn't even attempt to use any of the tracks as chew toys or she'd have been banned from Thomas time for life.

After you've overcome not chewing on the wood, the next step is to realize your only job is the safety of your kid. The trains must fend for themselves. You are not to panic if Thomas and Percy have a crash up. This is not a Sheltie problem to resolve. They've survived far worse and likely will continue to pursue even more amazing crash ups in the future. While you may find this disturbing you should not attempt to stop this behavior. Percy and Thomas are built to handle this kind of behavior. Interference is also a banning offense.

Lastly you may be tempted to try using your nose to move the trains yourself. This is handled on a case by case basis. Sometimes little humans are cool with this. Other times this could result in a Sheltie time out.

While I am now a master of Thomas play, Annie did well on her first outing. She did not interfere with any play and showed appropriate interest in the boy's toys without any negative interactions. She will be welcomed back for another session of Thomas play.


  1. WAY TO GO ANNIE... you are So SMART to listen to the Rules and Following them... so you don't end up in Sheltie Time Out.

  2. Way to go Annie!

    BOL - "This is not a Sheltie problem to resolve." Love it!

    1. When Bailey was alive he really tried to get into the game, pushing the trains with his nose and barking to alert everyone when their was a crash up. He did not approve of trains or cars on the rug for that matter of having messy crash ups. He felt this required adult human intervention and would bark to get help. It drove the kids nuts and after a few Sheltie Time outs he learned he had to accept the rules Katy laid out here.

  3. Way to go, Annie! With so many rules, it is awesome you did so well on your first Thomas play adventure.

  4. Good job Annie! I, Mabel like to keep the humans informed of things too, but alas it is not always appreciated either!
    Mr Bailey, Hazel & mabel

  5. Hope your hairs don't get stuck under the train
    Not Naughty,
    Lily & Edward


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