Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Christmas Card Wreath

Christmas Cards began arriving right after Thanksgiving and Mom and Dad brought out the wreath holders to organize our paper cards. We've been getting e-cards, too. Along with sending and receiving cards from family and friends, Mom participates in 2 online card exchanges every year and she loves watching the card wreaths take shape. We want to thank all our Blogville friends for taking the time to remember us at this very busy season and tell all of you that no matter what kind of cards you send we read and appreciate all of them.

We mention this because we got a disturbing email from someone who perhaps thought they were trying to help, but was kind of insulting. We send paper cards to all the people on both our card exchanges that live in the US. We just got our picture taken for our Christmas card on Saturday, so don't be surprised that you haven't received our card yet. We did send out e-cards, though. Only our Blogville list has residents outside the US and we send e-cards to those on that list. We use e-cards instead of scanning our Christmas cards or creating picture cards to attach to our emails. It is our choice and our preference. I've gotten both over the years and understand everyone chooses what works for them. We received an email from someone upset that they couldn't print our card and therefore had taken a picture from our Blog and created their own Christmas card from us so they could print it and display it I guess. Then they sent me a copy of the card so I could use it.

Well, clearly they thought they were trying to be helpful and I am trying to respect that. However, if I'd wanted to send a picture card, I could have done that. I didn't choose to do that. We don't print our e-cards, it is just too crazy this time of year to get to more than just reading them. However, we do enjoy the various types cards we get every year. The cards have ranged from hand made works of art to very simple cards and each is a sign that someone remembered us and thought to send us a card. As far as e-cards go we also get a variety from funny or sentimental e-cards to picture post cards and again all are welcome and appreciated. Each person does what he/she can.

The Blogville community is a very special one. However, all successful communities are based on people being considerate and thoughtful of one another. The Christmas Card Exchange is a gift we give to each other and we all participate in the best way we can. The simple reaction to a gift is thank you, not you didn't give me what I wanted in the format I wanted. These are the kinds of reactions that do eat away at the goodwill of a community.

So we end this on a positive note by thanking all of you for all the cards you send each year. We love seeing our Christmas wreaths fill up each year with cards people send. We also are grateful for those who remember us by email as well. There are many people who feel lost and left alone at Christmas. It is an amazing gift we give each other just in remembering and reaching out in what ever format that takes.


  1. We definitely need a wreath. What a great idea
    Lily & Edward

  2. Oh that is so nice! Usually our cards are just stuck to the door but that keeps them neat and looks good too.
    Elliot and Cricket x

  3. I love the wreath! We've just been keeping ours in a stack on a dresser for us to see! And yep, there's nothing wrong than e-cards and it's the thought that counts!

  4. WE love your Card Wreath...
    Blogville's Card Count is MOUNTING... LOVE getting Cards from our furends. It makes us feel GOOD to SEND OURS out each year... it gives us time to Stop and Think of our DEAR FURENDS as we Sign the Card and Address the Envelop.
    We just wish they would use CHEESE Flavored GLUE on the Flaps.

  5. We so appreciate the people that take the time (and postal expense) of mailing the cards, as well as those that do such clever and personal e-mail cards. It's such a good part of Christmas.

    Abby Lab

  6. We love your card wreath!
    Mr Bailey, Hazel & Mabel

  7. Love your wreath!!! Dakota is winning the snail mail card race this year so far and Cody is winning electronically. We are happy with any card we receive in any form! We don't care. We don't print out the ecards though (uses too much paper and we are broke lol), but we DO display all of our ecards on the blogs. It will probably be on Christmas day this year that we display them, not sure yet! DakotasDen

  8. I like your wreath idea! And we see nothing wrong with e-cards!

  9. We love your wreath. We will be sending some e-cards too


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