Monday, January 18, 2016

Bailey Keeps On Suprising Us All

Mom got a shock the other day while snuggling with Bailey. She found a lump on his tummy. She's been waiting to find tumors. After all everyone told her they'd come. Bailey had made it through Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, even New Years, and then there were lumps. His annual appointment, which nobody thought he'd ever need was just a few days away, so Mom worked to calm her fears knowing the Vet would have answers then.

Poor Bailey had to endure 5 needles Saturday. Not only did he have a lump on his tummy, but the vet found two others. The vet aspirated all three lumps and Bailey went on to endure the shot for rabies and the blood draw for heart worm. To add insult to injury he also had the meds up the nose for kennel cough. It was not an easy day. The vet being the amazing vet she is, did the tests right then and we got results right away rather than having to wait until Tuesday when regular office hours resumed. The growths were similar but different to growths Bailey had before. They are not tumors but fatty deposits. She measured them and noted them in his chart to keep track of any future growth of them. However, Bailey still shows no signs of Lymphoma. He has even gained another 1/2 pound since his last weigh in. He's almost to his goal weight and we are cutting back on the steroids again.

Bailey may turn 13 in March. Mom's Baby Boy may actually be a teenager. That was something we hadn't even considered when this all hit in the fall. We ask for your continued prayers.


  1. Bailey we will keep our paws crossed fur your continued improvement.

  2. Good job Bailey - you keep right on baffling them :) My previous Sheltie lived to be 18 and suffered with many of those fatty tumors.

  3. OH BAILEY.... BUDDY this is GRAND GRAND GRAND news... WE are THRILLED to hear it... You are like the Energizer Bunny and that FAMOUS Ol' TIMEX Watch... that Takes a Licking and Keeps On TICKING... BRAVO BRAVO BRAVO fur you.
    When we furst saw this post our Hearts were in our Throats... butt now they are SOARING with JOY.
    We remember back in the Fall when your mom was Crocheting those FABULOUS Seasonal MINI US ... just to keep her mind occupied... as she was expecting the UNTHINKABLE NEWS... and NOW.... just LOOK at YOU...
    You have even GAINED weight... and are DOING AMAZING..
    PeeS... I (F. F.) have one of this fatty thingys on my chest... Nothing to worry about... Just PROOF that YOU and I are NOT MISSING ANY MEALS... or Snacks!!!
    DARN BUDDY... We just CAN NOT TELL YOU HOW HAPPY ☺ This Post has Made Us... We L ♥ V E it!!!

  4. Prayers in progress. Some great news and it's awesome that the vet didn't make you wait for days for the results.

    Have a woof woof day Bailey. My best to your peeps. ☺

  5. Bailey it always make my heart sing when we hear you have had a good checkup. You keep kicking that Lymphoma to the curb and have a lot of good days.
    Thanks for being a friend
    Sweet William The Scot

  6. That's great! Sounds like it was a long day for Bailey, but good news! We will keep sending good vibes.

    Thanks for your thoughtful comment on our post today. Absolutely agree with you that adoption should be well thought out, planned for decision especially for animals with special needs. That's why we always include information on the struggles these adopters go through to make it work. Our goal is to inspire people but also to present a realistic portrait of what is involved. Thanks again! I'm glad you enjoyed the post.

  7. We will definitely pray for Bailey! That is actually great news about the fatty deposits!

  8. Thats wonderful! Keep on keepin' on Bailey!

  9. We are sending you lots of hugs and good vibes sweetie. You have endured a lot
    Lily and Edward

  10. Bailey is amazing and we'll keep right on sending lots of prayers and POTP that he still has many birthdays left.


  11. We are soooooo very happy to hear how you keep fighting and winning Bailey!! We continue our POTP that you keep getting positive check ups!!
    Dory, Jakey, Arty & Bilbo

  12. OMD, this is such FABulous news!!! You just can't keep a good Bailey down!!! ☺
    Sendin' tons of POTP and healin' vibes and AireZens your way!!
    and lots of {{hugs}}} to your peeps!
    Ruby ♥

  13. Bailey, so glad you are doing so well! I have a fatty lump too. Thank goodness that is all yours were. Paws crossed for a 13th birthday!

  14. hugs! Its so hard when they get old. Tubby had so many skin lumps and bumps and only one was a bad mast cell when he was nine and he lived 5 years after that and passed away from prostate cancer which neutered dogs can get. Now ping has many lumps and bumps, she is nearly 13, and thankfully so far they are all fat

  15. Continued POTP for Bailey!! This is pawesome news!! xoxo

  16. We're so happy for you. We know how important each day is with our beloved furries. We hope Bailey continues to do well for quite a while.


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