Thursday, December 1, 2016

Friday Funnies

Hi Katy here. We are off to see Santa this weekend and then Mom can finally get going on the Christmas card list. I'm an old hand at talking to the big guy, but Annie has no idea what all the Christmas stuff I'm struggling to explain it all to her. Annie is going to just have to wait and see because nothing really explains Santa Paws.

Thanksgiving worked out well for us. I convinced Annie to take over Bailey's position as meeter and greeter. Dog Dad's family hadn't met Annie yet, so they were quite excited to spend time with her. Dog Dad's niece is going to a high school where she is studying dog and animal care, so she's even more interested than before. This left me to approach only when I was ready. We got a surprise when Dog Dad gave his niece turkey cookies for us. Last year the dog baker failed to celebrate Thanksgiving.

Annie has decided she doesn't need a dog bed, Mom and Dad's bed will do nicely. Since she refuses to jump up on the bed Dog Dad picks her up every night and she settles in for the night. I'm not sure how she manages to deal with people moving in the bed. Bailey and I liked to visit, but it's like sleeping on an ocean wave when Mom and Dad move. Annie doesn't seem to mind though.

Annie's helping me with my moon issues. Mom has called me her moon child for years. New moon, full moon it doesn't matter, if we are close to one, I can't help myself in the middle of the night I go nuts. It drives Dog Dad and Mom crazy. Poor Bailey tried to help me but nothing worked. This time exhausted, Mom picked me up and deposited on the bottom of the bed next to Annie. I flopped on top of Annie snuggling as close as I could get. Annie moved up the bed and I followed her. The moon madness was passing with Annie close and I wasn't letting her get away. That's never happened before.


  1. I am tryin to convince my momma I'm ready for da big bed.

  2. I agree...the human bed is the best doggy bed!

  3. OMD Annie has helped relieve your Moon Madness...??? THAT is sooooo super Katie.
    We are SOOOOOO thrilled that she has made such a pawsitive influence on Everybuddy in your home.

  4. So good to see you guys! Can't wait to hear how the visit to Santa went! Dakota doesn't like sleeping on beds either, he prefers the floor. PS: Today is Thursday ;) DakotasDen

    1. These are all the dangers of Mom preposting while tired. She thought she picked the right dates and then went off to do other things. This is one of the reasons Blogging has been on hold.

  5. We all sleep on the big bed and with the winter cold - I like to get under the covers where it is nice and warm!
    Bailey & Hazel too


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