Thursday, March 3, 2011

Shelties Respond with Their Version of First Aid

As herding dogs, Bailey and Katy feel very responsible for the safety of the herd. Since we have no sheep, they have taken to herding the local human population. They consider the safety and preservation of their herd of the upmost importance.

Bailey is very concerned about the health and welfare of the local inhabitants. When he finds a human on the floor, he feels it necessary to poke with a cold nose to determine that the human is awake and aware. He is quick to respond to anyone who falls with this treatment. Those who fall asleep can find themselves provided with a warm sheltie foot warmer to ensure body temperature will not decrease while sleeping. One can expect that when an injury occurs in the house Bailey, followed shortly by Katy will be one of the first to arrive on the scene. This has led to some interesting explanations to repair people who will call out when working. The dogs see these responses as a call for help and then require reassurance that the people truly do not require sheltie first aid.

Katy is more determined and will use a paw to get a response from a human she is concerned is unresponsive. Humans should be able to respond with a pat on the head, or she becomes concerned that there is obviously something wrong with the human. Why else would they be unable to respond to her test?

After determining that the herd member is alive, shelties provide what they feel is essential in all situations, a toy. No matter what the situation or injury, expect at least one or more toys to arrive when injured. If not acknowledged, the toy will continue to be presented. I have yet to determine if this is a just a nervous dog action or a basic dog neurological examination. If the person is able to grasp the toy, it does indicate basic neurological responses. If not, further assistance will be required. We have not had any basis to test this theory.


  1. I love the doggie blog!! I have a friend that signed her boxer up for a facebook page-maybe you should try it-she has a lot of "furry" friends. Might be a great way to network with other pet owners.

  2. My kitty is worse than the dogs. When I am sleeping he will poke at my face until I wake up...if he had a voice I am sure it would be "*poke*mom, mom, are you awake? mom, mom *poke*"

  3. This is so freaking cute. I love Shelties- my ex sister in law has a real love of them and oh my, they are just the neatest dogs.

  4. I am lovin' these tail tales! They brighten my day.

  5. I think your dogs should start a business. They are exercise trainers, first responders and temperature regulators. This pair of pooches has it all going on!

    Don't ya love your furry kids? ;-)


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