Monday, March 28, 2011

Bailey and Curling

Bailey and my husband have a long tradition of enjoying sports together. Bailey has his favorites. He loves football and basketball. The Winter Olympics have always been a favorite of his.

My husband rarely watches just one sports program. Clicker in hand he can find a way to watch the maximum number of sports at once. Normally Bailey does not seem to care. He will watch what comes.

Bailey did assert himself during a curling match, though. He and my husband were sitting on the couch. My husband had been switching back and forth between the hockey game and curling match. Bailey was taking an unusual interest in the curling match. He reached over, tucked his paw around the clicker, and rolled on top of it to prevent any future changes.

Some will complain that dogs should not be dominant. However, neither my husband nor I could stop laughing long enough to maintain control. Bailey got to watch the end of his curling match and then went outside to play.

Katy and Bailey now watch sports together with my husband. Katy has not shown any special preferences. It will be interesting to see how she and Bailey handle the next Olympics.


  1. How cute! I think it is great that you allowed him to have his way after he went to all that trouble! :)

  2. That's so sweet!
    I wonder there will be a day Katy and Bailey have the clicker in their paws and your husband will watch whatever they choose to watch :)


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