Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The Snow Gives Way To Land

As I mentioned in an earlier blog Katy and Bailey are struggling with the change from snow to mud. This will be Katy's first spring with us, but Bailey has had a few transitions. He loves the snow packs and he loves the summer grass. He is no fan of the spring rains and mud. Katy is showing no signs of enjoying the transition either. They are both clinging to the last bits of snow.

Soon this will only be a fond memory of winter play.

I suspect they will find plenty to entertain them this summer. The squirrels are already emerging and the chases have begun. While they will regret the loss of snow, they will find other amusements.

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  1. The puppies are going to have to suffer because I need Spring. :) (Sorry, dogs.)

  2. Same with Angie- Spring, pleeeeeeease, no more of the icky white stuff.

  3. I don't blame them. I like the snow and I like the grass, but lately all we seem to have is rain and mud! Waiting patiently for spring!

    Just dropping in for the Hop a little Tuesday Blog Hop.

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    Take Good Care!
    Self Care Girl


  4. I am sick of rain and mud! Can't wait for sunshine! :)


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