Thursday, March 10, 2011

Happy Birthday

Bailey turns eight today. It does not seem possible that our first is eight. Now I sound like my friends with children. However, it does seem like yesterday we were driving back from Connecticut with a carsick puppy and beginning our lives with this amazing dog. It does not seem possible that he could possibly be eight. The calendar keeps us honest, though.

Last weekend was cold, wet and rainy, so we decided we would take the dogs out birthday shopping this weekend. I want to see if we can find some of the puzzle toys that will keep the two of them entertained. Of course, Bailey will get some bones as well. We all know that this will start a game of grab and go with Katy. There are no individual purchases for these two. Both share what we buy, even when we buy duplicates. There is no concept of individual ownership.

I do like the pet stores that allow the dogs. We do visit Petco and some of the local dog stores allow the dogs to travel with their owners. Bailey and Katy do not match the human stereotypes. Bailey loves to shop. He could spend hours in the store pursuing toys and treats. Katy wants to get what she needs and be gone. If she could use the Internet, she would do all her shopping online. She sees no benefit to the social aspects of shopping.

Happy Birthday Bailey!! May you spend many more happy years with us.


  1. Happy Birthday Bailey! Cain turns 8 this year too! I did not know our oldest were the same age. November is when we will celebrate Cains.

    Will you have a puppy party???

  2. Puppy shopping, not a party. He will get to visit his favorite shop to buy some new toys and bones.

    He did get to see his friends at playgroup yesterday. As a result he is pretty tired today.

  3. Happy Birthday, Bailey! He is such a handsome boy in his hat, and I love the description of their shopping styles!

  4. Happy Birthday Bailey!I have six dogs! My oldest dog, Scotty, just turned 15. Jasper just turned 12 in January, Fluff is 10, Jake and Sammy are 4 and Cloe is my youngest at almost 3 years old. Hope Bailey has a great birthday! :)

  5. Happy Birthday Baily...throwing a virtual bone to ya!


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