Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Chuck It Balls

While we were out shopping for Bailey's birthday, we bought some items for Katy as well. Katy had limited experience with toys when we got her. She has transitioned to playing with Bailey's toys, but has trouble holding on to some of his larger toys. I grew up with smaller dogs that never had trouble with tennis balls or the toys Bailey plays with, but they all played with toys as puppies. Katy has struggled with keeping the toys in her mouth.

At one of the pet stores we were at yesterday we explored the Chuckit! Ultra Ball Small 2-inch, 2 pack. These toys come in multiple sizes. We bought the smaller ones for Katy and the medium ones for Bailey. Katy was thrilled. For the first time she has a good grip on the ball when she grabs it and the ball does not fall out of her mouth when she plays.

We also bought just the Chuckit! Tennis Ball Small 2-inch, 2 pack. My disappointment with these, as with all the dog tennis balls we have tried is they do not bounce. However, Katy has been chasing these around the house as we toss or roll them to her. She has an advantage because Bailey is finding the smaller balls harder to pick up and this gives her a few added moments to get and hold on to the balls when she plays.

We saw the Chuckit! Pocket Ball Launcher (Colors Vary). We do not have any issue in throwing the balls for the dogs. If we launch them too far, they will be in our neighbors' yards. We have had that issue with Frisbees, so we try to avoid it with our tennis balls.

One suggestion I would make is to shop around for price. My main reason for buying these balls was the smaller size and the durability of the medium sized ones we bought for Bailey. I like the idea of being able to wash his outdoor toys as the tennis balls can get pretty dirty in the mud. We visited several stores and price and selection do range.

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  1. I wonder if our furbaby would like these? She has a passion for old stuffed animals right now, she will chase them when we throw them and them shake them into submission before bringing them back. :)

  2. These sound like super toys for my Labra-Lacy. Her problem, however, is eventually chewing up everything we give her. I have to monitor her toys, and put them in the basket when she's done.

    Can I tell you what I really love about this post? The picture of your pooch, on the bed, by the pillows. Looks just like what mine do. They think the beds are theirs. ;-)

  3. It seems that my furbabies only want to play with things that make noise! LOL

  4. aww mine love their chuck-it balls!!!! Mine bounce though...Love your pictures!!!!!

  5. I can get the rubber ones to bounce, just not the tennis balls.


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