Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The Doggy Stalkers

Bailey was an only doggy child for many years. His best friend was a black lab who was considerably older than he was and they would spend hours together. Bailey would run and play showing off while the older dog watched in amusement. He lost his friend about a year before Katy came to us. Bailey did not handle the only dog status as well after that.

Our new neighbor got a lab puppy last spring. Bailey was so happy. He wanted to make friends and soon became a dog stalker. If the dog was out, Bailey wanted to be out. He would stick his nose under the fence desperate to catch any notice of the dog.

This was one of the reasons we realized Bailey needed a friend. We applied for a rescue dog and Katy came to live with us. The two became fast friends and I thought the doggy stalking issue was solved.

In the beginning, Katy was terrified of the Lab next door. His loud bark would send her running for the porch. Now she too has fallen under his spell and has become a doggy stalker.

Yesterday we realized the winter has eroded some of the dirt from under the fence and Katy has discovered she can get more of her snout under the fence than Bailey can. Our dogs have become like crazed fans trying to catch a glimpse of a favorite star.

Our neighbors are great people and we do not want them to find our dogs annoying. Controlling this obsession is a priority. I cannot help but thinking this is my sister's revenge for not having teenage daughters.

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  1. They are some "nosy" little neighbors, aren't they? lol


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