Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Holding on to Winter

I need to get some pictures of our glaciers receding in the back yard. The porch is now clear. We even have retrieved some of the Christmas decorations that have not been in view since before Christmas. Others are still hoping to be unburied soon.

Katy and Bailey saw the last of their snow beach leave the porch last weekend during the rainstorm and two sadder dogs I had not thought to see. Bailey usually looks forward to the spring. He is not a fan of melting snow and prefers the green ground to run on. However, this snow pack was original in that it was high, it was hard, and it lasted a long time. The height allowed him access to sites, sounds, and smells he has not had before. He could almost see glimpses of the dog next door he has so longed to meet. He had better scents of him than ever before. The squirrel in the low hanging branches were more afraid then ever before as the top of the fence was not quite so out of reach to a quick moving Sheltie as before. Not that we were in danger of a fence breach, but for the first time Bailey has had glimpses of the other side and he liked that sensation. Losing his advantage has not pleased him.

We do not believe Katy had known much of an outdoor life prior to her foster experience. She loved the snow. However, this melting slushy mess is not scoring any points. The mud and water have even less appeal to our resident princess. She wants her ice pack back.

I do think they both will be happy when spring brings out the grass and owners willing to play outdoors more frequently. It is this awkward time of change frustrates them. I think they would prefer a theatrical set change. Lights down, ice pack gone, lights up and a nice green lawn ready for spring and summer play. Unfortunately, not the way Mother Nature works in New England.


  1. Our dog also does not mind the snow, but does not care for the mud, slush or slick spots. I have to literally push him out the door, then he sits on the steps pouting. I guess he doesn't like muddy feet. ;) Such characters.

  2. Same here. Although my older boxer, Cain, he is not a fan of the snow. He will go out, do what he has to do, and run back in. Casey on the other hand will just take her sweet time.

  3. My boxer hates the snow. He will go out there with my son to play but will not go out to do his business unless I push him out the door. The other two dogs coul care less about the weather.

  4. Aww it looks as though they are enjoying themselves.

  5. They are adorable! Our poor dog has never had a chance to experience snow, but we did learn the hard way that she hates ice with a passion this year! Poor thing would whine the whole time she was outside!


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