Friday, March 18, 2011

Bailey Protects Katy

Saturday we went shopping for Bailey's birthday. We visited several of the local pet stores to get the best selection and price on the items we were looking to buy.

As I mentioned in an earlier blog Bailey loves to shop. Katy would much rather shop from home if the option was available.

I grew up with four older brothers and at times Katy and Bailey's relationship makes me laugh. It does remind me of that big brother to little sister relationship I remember. Bailey and Katy are both loyal and annoyed by one another at times. However, nobody gets between them. Bailey may tease his younger housemate, but nobody picks on Katy.

Bailey and Katy have both benefited from the stores that allow pets. Katy has developed better social skills in her outings. Bailey loves the interactions with humans and dogs. I like meeting other pet owners and find most are responsible about handling their dogs in tight quarters and potentially challenging situations.

The larger dogs usually are more cause for concern than the smaller dogs as they tend to be harder to avoid. Yesterday, Katy realized the smaller ones can be intimidating and Bailey came to her rescue. Bailey and my husband had fallen behind in an aisle as they were checking out some items of interest. Katy and I were moving ahead. I wanted to price a few items. A small white powder puff proceeded to jump out at Katy and lunge at her. Bailey quickly moved up the aisle and put himself between Katy and the powder puff. As the powder puff tried to get around Bailey, he looked like a basketball player using defensive moves to block it from getting at Katy. The minute Bailey arrived on the scene Katy dived under Bailey's stomach.

If Katy had not been so scared, it would have been the sweetest moment I have observed between them. He might steal her toys, but nobody messes with Katy, but him. Bailey never showed his teeth or any aggressive moves. He just kept blocking the dog from approaching Katy. I slowly moved the two dogs back and the dog's owner finally retrieved her dog stating she is not normally aggressive.

Katy pressed up close to Bailey for the rest of the trip and Bailey showed no signs of leaving her side.

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  1. It's so lovely that both Katy and Bailey are so sweet and close with each other. They are beautiful too!

  2. Such a sweet story. What a good older brother.

  3. They are such protective dogs. I remember my aunts shelties as being somewhat skittish- UNTIL they felt like someone they loved was threatened. Then, you couldn't ask for a bolder, more protective dog.

  4. Great story! Dogs are capable of such strong emotions and love for one another and their human companions. I don't understand how some people can see them as just dumb animals!

  5. Aw...those little dogs sometimes don't realize how small they are! Glad your pups take good care of each other. :-)


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