Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Doggie Daycare

I started going while Mom was still teaching. Dad would drop me off in the car every morning and Mom and Dad would pick me up after work. Puppy care is so awesome. Not like the kennel at all. Kennel is not cool. Big, loud, scary, no game time, cages, not cool. Daycare is awesome.

Mom has all these funny names for it puppy care, camp, school, and each time it is something new. All I know is that when Mom started working on the computer instead of in that brick building with kids, I stopped playing every day and now go about once every week with Dad and Katy in the car to meet my friends.

Bailey is the star of playgroup. Everybody loves Bailey. I am not so keen on this doggie group thing. I am used to being by myself and it is hard to deal with all these dogs all day. I do have a few new friends and the lady is REALLY nice. She gives cookies and she gets the other dogs to play with me when I am left alone. I like the games she teaches us. I can run really fast, faster than Bailey, so I know I will get good at them.

I heard something disturbing the other day. Bailey said that sometimes he sleeps there when Mom and Dad are away. He hates the kennel we had to stay at when I had fleas and the house got fixed. He said he had to sleep there once and it was scary. He says sleeping at daycare is like having a big doggy sleepover. I am not sure I would like a sleepover, but Bailey says it is not so bad. I did not think the kennel was so bad, but Bailey was really scared when we were there. So, I guess staying at daycare must be fun.

My favorite part is when Dad comes to pick us up. He is so silly. He gets as excited as Bailey when he sees us. He is so happy when we bark when we see him. He seems sad if we do not notice him.

Katy, it is my turn to talk. What do mean a squirrel? Sorry have to go squirrel patrol.

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