Friday, March 25, 2011

They Left it On the Field

There is a sports expression about leaving it all on the field. Well the dogs adopt that attitude when going to playgroup. They never fail to come home exhausted after a day of playing with friends outdoors.

Even the next day activities are a bit lighter than normal as they rest up from the previous day's outings. A few good squirrel chases and perimeter checks are necessary, but indoor play is drastically reduced.

By the following day all batteries are fully charged and system ready to play. This down day is a great day to get my writing done.


  1. They look pretty pooped. A good day of play will do that to a guy.

  2. Such a cute photo! I live on 2 acres and we are not fenced in, unless you count the corn field that surrounds us. The bad part is I have a highway that is my connecting street. My house faces. I fear the dogs being outside for any length of time unless someone is out with them. They have not tried to cross the road, but they have gotten a little too close for my taste.

    I am not sure if their is a doggie day care near me. Might be something worth checking in to while I want for the winter to go away and get a fencing system up for them.

  3. LOL When we take Stella out running, she always snores like a fiend!

    Your babies have such beautiful coats. Even all snoozy like that you can see how glossy they are. :)


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