Tuesday, June 14, 2011

CMDART Central MA Disaster Animal Response Team

Last week the dogs promised I would write a blog about the emergency group that sponsored the agility training booth at the Whisker Walk. I wanted a chance to find their website so others could learn more and perhaps find out what resources are available in their area.

CMDART is short for Central Massachusetts Disaster Animal Response Team. They are not an emergency shelter in the way most people think of animals in harm’s way needing immediate help. This group deploys during emergencies in the way the Red Cross deploys for humans in disasters or emergencies that require evacuations, etc. Since many human shelters do not accept pets, this group fills that gap providing safe havens for pets during those emergencies so pet and owners can be safely reunited.

The booth we visited had checklists and kits for people to purchase to help them get their pets ready for evacuation. They emphasized the need to have accurate vet records, medication, and picture identification with pet and owner easily accessible in an emergency. I had never thought of the photograph with you and the animal. They emphasized that it was far easier to prove ownership if you could show a picture with the animals. Having your pet's food and crate is also something worth having ready to put in your car if headed to an emergency pet shelter. The website also provided a list of pet friendly hotels in the area they cover.

Prior to visiting this booth, I was not aware that any group existed like this in our state. I would be interested to know what others know about emergency evacuation options are available in their states.

To be clear I am not associated in any way with this group. I do not want anyone to think I speak for the team. I do not. My first encounter with the group was at the Whisker Walk. Lately, I have become more concerned with emergency preparations. I know others share this interest. I plan to share reliable resources and information when I find it.


  1. Im not sure if my state has something like this, but I would sure hope so. After the tornado in Springfield, I'm sure you are glad to know they are around.

    I saw a couple greyhounds at an agility trial a couple weeks ago. THe man said he was taking care of them until their owners could move back into their house, which was damaged suring the tornado.

  2. Gosh. All those tips are Most Wise. Mom keeps saying she needs to put stuff together for all of us in case of an emergency. Maybe your postie will get her moving on that. (But I'm not gonna hold my breaths.)

    Wiggles & Wags,

  3. Hi Y'all,

    What great info! Never thought about the picture of me and my Human together. We live in an area where there are hurricane evacuations. Know lots of people have to leave their pets behind because they aren't welcome in shelters.

    My Humans carry my vet records when we travel and I'm microchipped. I have a travel crate that stays in the car. My Human keeps a leash clipped to the crate so it doesn't get lost in case of an accident.

    I'll have to get my Human to research to see if there is any emergency animal response here.

    Y'all come back now,
    Hawk aka BrownDog

  4. what a great organization. I'm not aware of anything like that here in Ohio and I wish we had one. Personally I would never leave my three behind in a disaster - my husband and I have decided we would stick it out in our home because we're not leaving the pets behind. I think many people feel the same and do not go to shelters because they can't take their pets with them. Wonderful that your state has this.


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