Monday, June 20, 2011

Blogger Award

Opie Mom's Blog gave us the Versatile Blog Award and we wanted to say thank you for considering us. We have really enjoyed the chance to become part of the pet blogging community and meet so many interesting pet bloggers. We also wanted to thank you for inspiring Mom to tell more stories about us.

A few months ago, a craft blogging colleague wrote a painful blog that she was harshly criticized for passing on similar awards without knowing if people wanted to play so it has made me more careful about how I approach these awards.

I have decided on a non-traditional approach. I am going to provide a link for those who want the original rules of the award here .Then I am going to use this time for my "award speech" to thank the people who have really helped me since I started this pet blog, these can be my award nominees for anyone who would like to participate. They can choose to participate or just accept my heartfelt gratitude for their kindness in this blogging journey. In that way people who want to continue the award to do so and anyone who wants to opt out can, too.

The Nominees:

In alphabetical order as not to offend:

Bailey be Good

Bailey be Good is the story of Bailey and Nala. Bailey is a remarkable storyteller. Her countdown to her first birthday was delightful to follow. Bailey's Mom has contributed to my blogger education dramatically. Her hard work and dedication to keeping us updated is greatly appreciated.

BZ Training

This blog follows the author's daily training shoots with her dogs. I find it challenging to comment because each day is an amazingly beautiful selection of photographs. I lack the ability to add much with my comments. I have learned a great deal by reading her commentary. I am impressed with her ability to analyze and discuss the assignments and her attempts in an honest and insightful manner. While I did not think I was capable of learning much about the differences she discusses, in the time I have been reading I am starting to understand some of the items she is pointing out as areas to be worked on in future shots. Not that I could ever attempt the shot, but it is interesting to realize after reading her blog I am just barely starting to see some of what she is talking about in her shots. I celebrate my personal growth.

Dakota's Den

While she is most know for her cat blog, we Sheltie families stick together. I love the pictures on Dakota's Den. I learned to add Word Press blogs to my Blogger follow so I could follow Dakota's Den. We know cats are big, but we think Shelties need a voice, too.

Dog Foster Mom

Bailey and Katy were both blessed in being part of a rescue that uses foster parents. Bailey came to us as a four-month puppy fully house broken. That was nothing short of miraculous in my mind.

I found Foster Mom's blog on one of the pet blog sites and started following. Her stories of rescue work and the pets needing homes are inspiring. Blogs like hers continue to educate and inform the public about the work involved with rescue and fostering pets.

Eva the Sheltie:

Eva was one of our first followers. She never fails to leave a supportive kind comment every day. She takes the most wonderful Sheltie photographs and tells beautiful stories of her life as a Sheltie princess. Katy finds that particularly inspiring.

Key West Collies

I recently started following Key West Collies after reading about the blog on another blogger’s website. I followed the story through the loss of a beloved collie to the beginning of a relationship with a new puppy. The updates have been wonderful and I look forward to watching this dog grow.

Kohl's Notes

Kohl's Notes was discovered after joining a few pet blogging communities. This story of Kolchak Puggle combines humor and education. I have learned a great deal by reading of Kolchak's Mom's efforts to cook and bake for this most cared for Puggle.

My Brown Newfies

This is another blog I discovered during my blog community explorations. I have never met a Newfoundland. The pictures on this blog are amazing. The stories told in the pictures almost do not need words they are so well done. I realized as I was making a list, that this blog was not on my follow list so I corrected that.

Sara's Blog

Who can resist Chewy and Oreo's antics? I have to visit daily to see my favorite puppy and watch Oreo learning to interact with the pup. Chewy has given me that Auntie experience. I can enjoy the puppy from afar knowing our next rescue is likely to be Katy's age. We will not be doing the puppy thing again. I also have loved watching the training videos. They have given me some great ideas for working with Katy and Bailey.

Two Grad Students and a Pittie

I really have not known too many Pitt bulls. Sadly, the few I have met have not been well trained. I have really enjoyed meeting responsible Pitt bull bloggers who can share their experiences and explain what they have done differently. This blog is a great advocate for Pitt ownership.

I must say I love the stories they tell. They make living in the city an adventure and I look forward to reading the adventures of the dental and law student as Havi waits for them to be free to play.

I am grateful for all of your support and encouragement, as I have started this Sheltie blog. It has been a fun journey so far and I am hopeful that it will continue to be even more rewarding.


  1. How sweet! Thank you for your kind words.

    I hope to be "blogging" with you for many years!

  2. Thanks so much for the award, we love your blog, and beautiful shelties!

  3. Congratulations on your award and thank you kindly for passing it on and for the very nice words! We are sure glad we found your site recently and look forward to more fun times!

  4. Many thanks for your award and kind words! We love to read about Bailey and Katy and their adventures! Bailey is always like a big brother to Katy and the little girl is more and more confident lately.

  5. Congrats on the award. I can't imagine someone being offended by having an award passed on to them. If they don't want to play, they just refrain from reposting, right?

  6. Congratulations on the award!
    Beautiful words!

    Have a nice week!

  7. You are sooo sweet! Thank you so much for awarding me -- I feel so honored!!

    I am glad I was able to help you in some way (mommy LOVES helping people!)

    Big woofs & hugs,


  8. You have no idea how HONORED I am to be in the presence of such amazing doggie bloggers (like yourself!!) We follow a number of them that you mentioned and we are COMPLETELY HONORED!!!

    Poor Dakota has been rather lax about posting (because his kitty brother tends to hog the computer) but you are right, Shelties need a voice, and we Sheltie families stick together!

    CONGRATULATIONS on your hugely deserved award and THANK YOU for your sensitivity to bloggers that are honored but don't always have time to post about awards!!! Huge (((((hugs))))))))) You have given some much needed encouragement and he THANKS YOU!


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