Friday, June 10, 2011

Looking at the Agility Course

Mom and Dad took us to a booth hosted by a group trying to raise money for emergency pet shelters. The man at the booth said animals are not allowed in human shelters during emergencies so his group provides a place for animals to go. Mom says she is going to blog about this group next week. Mom and Dad decided we should have a chance to look at the field.

Bailey treated this as if it was a doggy playground. He thought the obstacles were fun. The woman led him around the obstacles. With treats, he tried each one. I did not mind the jumps. Those were OK. However, I just could not understand the point and I did not like strangers. Mom ended up leading me around.

I was sorry to disappoint Mom, but I just did not understand why she wanted me to go through all these exercises. Dad says we might do better next year.


  1. Oh, that's okay. Those agilities things are kinda weird. I'm taking an agilities class right now and most of it is pretty fun. But some of the things (like that tunnel) are a little skeery, too. It gets better the more you practice it, though!

    Wiggles & Wags,

  2. With practice you would love it!

  3. Well at least you got a chance to check it out!
    Sherman would be unsure about all that stuff to!

    Thanks for letting us know that your mom has an educational site! We will be using it this summer!

  4. I think you would love agility too once you got used to all the stuff!

  5. awww you poor baby, you don't have to like everything that Bailey likes!! xoxoxo

  6. It's ok. You just keep trying. It really is fun!

  7. So fun, we always wonder what Havi would do if she saw an agility course!


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