Wednesday, November 8, 2023

Teddy's First Halloween

Since COVID started we've been giving candy out during Halloween outside. Since the dogs really hate the doorbell staying outside has proven a much easier method for all concerned. The dogs enjoy seeing the action and it provides less stress for all.

DH devised a candy chute the first year and we've kept using it as a minimal contact way to deliver candy since. It keeps the kids amused and it makes for a little more fun during the evening. Our neighbors across from us do a haunted yard so it gets to be a busy neighborhood.

I was able to get a new Teddy Halloween Snoopy flag in time for the holiday. I have one on order for Thanksgiving. I'm still putiing out the ones with Katy and I even made one from my favorite Bailey photo that goes out every Spring as a memorial to him.

In years past, especially last year when Katy wasn't well, Annie and Katy would curl up together for warmth on the blanket. Annie would handle all the kids that wanted to pat the cute dogs and Katy would occasionaly grant an audience when it suited her, but with Annie there she always had a shield.

This year we set up the blanket separating Teddy who can be all hyper puppy when Annie wants to rest on one side and Annie on the other but Annie decided she wanted to be up close and personal with the kids and played stealth Sheltie for the evening. When she finally admitted to being cold DH brought her a blanket to use and she stayed there the rest of the night happy to finally be able to choose her own path.

Teddy did an amazing job as he's never seen that many people in his entire puppy life. We didn't let him get up close but he was fascinated watching people come and go


  1. I put up a baby gate at the door. My Teddy and my Liam do bark a lot when the door bell rings but they actually calm down if I just stay at the door during the time when most of the kids show up.

  2. It sounds like you had a fun Halloween evening. Sitting outside is a great idea so the dogs don't have to hear the doorbell ring all night long.

  3. He’s so adorable! Halloween can be such a challenge for dogs, with a constant stream of strangers coming to the door and scary costumes.


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