Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Tasty Paws Excursion

There is a right way and a wrong way to eat doggy ice cream. Bailey was introduced to doggy ice cream at play group as a puppy. During the summer we give it to him as an occcasional treat.

Bailey demonstrates the appropriate method of eating doggy ice cream.

Katy's reaction was unexpected.

Like Bailey she received her ice cream in a dish. For some reason she grabbed the chunk of ice cream and ran under the kitchen table. She resisted all urges to come out and eat the ice cream from the bowl. Eventually we moved her ice cream outside and she was happy to eat the ice cream on the porch.


  1. OMG!! BOL!!!

    If Katie were to do that in our house, the ants would be having a feast. We always have to be careful with sweet things around here and not leave them lying about because they make a good feast for the ants!

  2. She just didn't want to share! I don't blame her, I don't like sharing my ice cream either. LOL

  3. I had never heard of doggie ice cream before. That may be one ritual I don't want to start around here.

  4. Ahh, who doesn't love icecream! :) What a great treat for a dog!!!

  5. I agree, Chrystal, she wanted to savor her ice cream in privacy - keep your paws off my food.


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