Thursday, April 21, 2011

Dog Easter Eggs

Bailey has always collected many holiday toys. Since he has a large supply of regular toys, we always pack the seasonal ones away with the decorations. Katy has already enjoyed his Christmas toys and loving family members added to her stash as well.

As I was unpacking the Easter decorations in preparation for the holiday, I came across the Easter Eggs Bailey got last year. He has a set of three plush ones we picked up at a local pet store. I have not seen them in Petco or Petsmart this year when I was out shopping for Easter goodies. Bailey loves these because they squeak loudly. The other Easter Egg is one I made after writing an article about knitted and crochet toys for dogs for my craft blog. I realized I had never made any toys for Bailey. I used the same Crochet Easter Egg pattern I used for the kids. The eggs are made with cotton dishcloth yarn and I substituted recycled clean old socks for traditional stuffing.

Bailey had no interest in the crochet egg last year. He loved the squeaky ones. This year as I unpacked the boxes and took out the eggs, Bailey predictably was thrilled to discover his old favorite plush eggs. Katy however took off with the crocheted egg. The squeaky eggs held no interest. I am not sure if it is the size or the texture. Squeaky toys are generally a favorite.

The crochet egg has become important enough that she has taken to hiding it in her crate so Bailey does not steal it from her. She has never done this with another toy. While Bailey is not interested in the egg, he does enjoy teasing her by taking it. It looks like when I make my crocheted eggs for the kids next year I will need to add a few for Katy as well.


  1. I wonder if Katy feels connected to the crochet egg because is has your smell to it?!?!

  2. those are adorable but my Dakota would try to EAT them.....


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