Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Easter Bunny Brings Treats

I was highly suspicious when Bailey talked about a bunny that bought bones and toys. Bailey is not known for liking things that hop and jump. Why would a bunny bring him bones and toys? However, he says it has something to do with Easter and just to accept it and enjoy what comes.

Katy has to have an explanation for everything. Why question when a rawhide football and ball show up? Who else would bring a mini squirrel house that she can carry? Accept the gifts before the bunny changes his mind and gives them to someone else.


  1. We don't understand the bunny thing either. In our household, dog and human treats come from the Easter Polar Bear (but we're a little weird).

  2. you're right...I know someone here who would LOVE that mini squirrel house AND the rawhide bone!!! (wink, wink!)


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