Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Katy Learns to Play Frisbee

Let's face it Bailey is the show off in the family. While I can run faster, he jumps higher and manages to catch balls and Frisbees high in the air.

I am not crazy about these objects flying at my head. He leaps up like without any hesitation. Mom and Dad seemed convinced this Frisbee thing is important. They even bought me a smaller frisbee so it would be easier for me to catch it. This one is softer, more jelly like than Bailey's Frisbee.

Bailey tried to teach me to pick up the Frisbee. Then he started stealing my Frisbee when I did not grab it fast enough.

I am still not sure why this Frisbee thing is so important, but I am working on learning. Bailey is not going to get all the attention.


  1. Hi, nice to meet you on your blog! Kelly has a soft frisbee, maybe you wouldn't mind that as much. I bet you will soon be having lots of fun playing frisbee.

  2. Frisbee's can be so much fun - I use to play that with Mom all the time. I liked a nice soft one too and I would catch it but only if Mom threw it at my level - I didn't like jumping up to get it.

  3. Eva still doesn't get why the frisbee is so important either. I doubt she'll ever become one of those amazing frisbee dogs. We have a soft jelly frisbee too!

  4. Isn't it great that spring is here and you can enjoy doing those things again? I'm loving it :) We take the guinea pigs out for grass on their leash almost daily now. It's something I actually look forward to (like you seem to do with your dogs).

  5. Don't give up Katy, I am a human and I dont like things flying at my head either!


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