Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Signs of Spring

Our weather has been crazy, but the perennials have been pushing forward with their efforts to claim spring. Bailey and Katy are going to have to get used to new boundaries. I noticed Bailey napping in a sunny spot yesterday. It just happened to be one of my flower gardens. Katy and Bailey have been using the back vegetable gardens as highways in their squirrel hunts. We are going to have to work on establishing boundaries.

I hate to resort to fencing. In the past, Bailey has been trainable. We will have to see if the two of them can learn to respect the gardens.


  1. Thankfully our garden spot is on the other side of the property. We did put a white picket fence around it last year. Just a small garden one. Kept the dogs out pretty well. Either that, or they just didn't care!

  2. If it'd only stop snowing. I think we're going to go directly from winter to summer here though.

  3. I hope they don't do anything with the flowers!! We've never really had much problem with our dogs, although Mika loves to dig.


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