Monday, April 18, 2011

Happy Patriots Day!

We welcome you to Patriots Day in Massachusetts. No, this is not a celebration of our favorite football team. However, Mom says it has historical significance. She wrote an entry on her education blog if you want to learn more. To Shelties historical celebrations usually means loud and scary noises. Thankfully, most of this holiday's celebrations are not near our home so we do not hear the muskets as we do on the July 4th and Labor Day.

Instead, we look forward to a day spent with Dad playing outdoors and having extra walks. Then we get to watch an afternoon Red Sox game and the Boston Marathon. Katy has never seen a Marathon so she is not sure it will be very exciting. I love watching people run. I just think we should be allowed to run, too. It would be fun.


  1. Have a good day, pups! Maybe Dad will let you have a little run elsewhere.

  2. Cute pups! I had a sheltie growing up.

  3. Bailey and Katie
    I'm glad that thewe won't be boom booms to scawe you doowing the celebwations. happy Patwiots day to you!!1
    I agwee wif you, you should be allowed to wun wif those hoomans. I guess they don't want the competitions
    smoochie kisses


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