Thursday, April 14, 2011

Happy Birthday Dad!

I thought we should get Dad a nice juicy bone. After all a bone is such a wonderful gift, you can enjoy for days. Dad could use something to relax with after playing with Bailey and I when he comes home from work.

Katy has it all wrong. Dad does not need to relax. He needs more toys to play with us. Who needs Wii Fit when you have Shelties? Dad needs more toys, balls, squeaky toys, and other things to keep him entertaining, I mean exercising with us.

Mom said we did not need to buy you anything Dad. Therefore, we send you lots of doggy kisses and wishes for a Happy Birthday. We Love You.

-Bailey & Katy

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  1. I think your dad would be happy to just have a nice cuddle with both of you.
    Happy Birthday to him!

  2. Happy Birthday! Hope you get out for a walk today.

  3. Happy Birthday! How lucky you are to have furbabies to love you on your special day!

  4. Happy Birthday! (I just love the last photo of the two)


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