Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Sheltie Ice Cubes

Thankfully, the snow melted fairly quickly over the weekend with some warm sunny weekend weather. Bailey and Katy insisted on playing with Bailey's new outdoor birthday toys.

Since his puppy days, Bailey has always had a challenge staying hydrated. Katy has no problem diving into the water bowl. The woman that runs their doggy daycare gave us a hint that works well for Bailey, ice cubes. For some reason Bailey loves ice cubes. We take them outside, place them on the porch and Bailey treats them like cold bones. He considers them a great challenge. Since it was warm last weekend, it seemed like a great time to introduce Katy to the tradition. Bailey dived into the ice cube pile. Katy touched one cautiously and then turned up her princess snout at the idea of an ice bone. Bailey looked at her as if she was missing a steak dinner. We tried convincing her to try one, but she refused. Bailey cleaned up the pile without any help.

It is good to know Bailey's summer hydration trick still works. It will be interesting to see if Katy's competitive nature gets her engaged in trying the treat.


  1. Ice cubes. Eva's best friend :) We would put one in her water occasionally, and she will only lick the part of the water where the ice cube is!!!

    Glad to know you've found a way to keep Bailey hydrated :)

  2. It works well for my cats too - they love them LOL

  3. I have an ice loving dog too! I discovered this on accident one day when I dropped a cube and she made a mad dash to grab it and ran off to her bed with it. :)

  4. My vet told me about this trick when my oldest was just a few months old. I used to live in Oklahoma then and temps would get to 110-120 in the summer. Just going out to potty would zap him , and later when I got the 2nd one, her as well. Now I give them an ice cube as a treat. They love them. They think they are getting something so special. It amuses me in the process watching them scoot them around the kitchen floor. LOL

  5. Found my way over to your blog, and found that we have a couple of things in common already! My name is Bailey, and I LOVE ice cubes! I insist that mommy put crushed ice cubes in my water bowl a hundred times a day! :)

    Woofs & hugs,



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