Monday, May 16, 2011

Save a Dog's 2011 Paws in the Park

I love the Wayside Inn area in Sudbury, Massachusetts. I have been having picnics with family and the dogs there for years. Next Sunday, May 22, Save a Dog is having their 2011 Paws in the Park event at the Longfellow Wayside Inn and you can attend with family and dogs. The event is not free. There a $10 entry fee or equivalent pledge per adult. I am not associated with Save a Dog, but I have been looking for dog friendly local events to take Katy and Bailey to and find it even better when they benefit other rescue dogs.

You can find a list of other events and vendors that will be at the event by checking out their website. If you are interested in adoption this is a great chance to learn more about Save a Dog and the dogs they have available, too.


  1. Hope you guys have a great day there! I do hope more furkids find their homes and are loved by their family members too.

  2. What a great event. I'm happy to hear you will all be supporting it.


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