Thursday, May 26, 2011

Even When Wet Dad's Wings Worked

Katy is still not buying that those big metal contraptions fly despite Dad's absence and safe return. She was a bit stand offish last night when he came through the door. I did not mind because I had Dad all to myself for a change. Dad being fair sought out Katy and spent some time giving her attention. I think she was looking for those wings. Either way, she was punishing him for being gone and I knew she could not hold out long.

Sure enough, who was snuggled in bed with Mom, Dad, and me this morning?


  1. It is a marvel those big machines can fly! Glad you had some snuggled time.

  2. Glad to hear that your dad is home safely and all of you had some good snuggles!

  3. A little time to yourself is always good, but sharing makes things even better. ;)

  4. Bailey and Katy, thanks for stopping by it meant a lot to us. Dad misses his boy, but the healing has started. A great collie has crossed the rainbow bridge.



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