Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Dad Thinks He Can Fly

Dad told us he was going to be flying for business. I know Dad likes to tease, but people do not have wings. How does he think he is going to fly?

Bailey says he has done it before. In fact, he says he knows dogs that have flown. He says Grandma's schnauzer Shadow has flown on something called an airplane. He tried to show me a picture of this huge machine on TV last night, but I am not buying it. There are all kinds of crazy things on TV and Dad told me they are not real and I do not need to be scared. So why would I believe that Dad is going to fly in a metal container?

The flying thing confuses Katy, but Dad does get on that metal thing. Shadow told me about his trips with Grandma. I would not want to do it, but he said it was fine. He has to stay in the kennel when he does not travel with Grandma, so I can see why he would rather make the trip. Katy and I get to go to play group so it is less scary than getting on a plane or a long car ride.


  1. I hate flying...I'd take the play group over the plane any day!

  2. The Lady Of The House had a major fit when she had to catch a plane last month....she hadn't flown for 12 years cos she hates it soooo much. But she was OK. I missed her. It's nice when they come back, isn't it?

    Love and licks, Winnie the Greyhound

  3. Humans can say odd things that really don't make sense. Like at nightime - my Dad wakes me up - just so I can go to bed!!!! I was already sleeping Dad - why do I have to wake up just so I can go to sleep again in a different place?

  4. I have never flown in a metal thing. I go to the vet in a metal thing on wheels. Not the same thing? Is that flying? I am sorry your dad is going away. I hope he comes back safe and maybe he will bring you guys a extra special treat.

    ~Cain & Casey~

  5. Hope your daddy has a safe flight.

    Enjoy your playgroup! That sounds like fun.

  6. My sister Rosie flies a lot which I don't understand and know how she does it. Well, she always says she doesn't like it but she still flies a lot!

    Hope your dad flies safely too!

  7. I don't understand the whole flying thing, but my mommy says she used to like flying when she was little, but hasn't flown for a long time. Hope your daddy has a safe flight!

    Happy Wednesday woofs & hugs,



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