Monday, May 2, 2011

Katy Sniffs a Foot

Our weekend visit went off well, better than expected. Katy did not do as many laps as expected. In fact once the adults left, she showed a great deal of curiosity about our guest. Once they went outside, she was happy to chase thrown balls and Frisbees regardless of who was doing the tossing.

The decisive moment came when Katy came up to our guest and sniffed her shoe without fleeing in terror. I have no idea what it was about the shoe or owner that was fascinating, but she had trouble giving in to her fear when those shoes were so tempting to sniff.

I realize there are some dogs that are shy and never overcome that personality trait. Katy seems conflicted. She wants the attention, but fear holds her back. This weekend she made big strides forward. I believe she will overcome this and be able to be more comfortable in company

Our young guest wants to come to the Whisker Walk with us in June. It might be a chance for the two of them to spend some time outdoors engaged in activities that would help them get closer.

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  1. That is great that Katy opened up a little. We adopted a cat a few months ago and she was really nervous around other people. A lot has changed since she has become more comfortable here and I just love seeing her interacting with guests and even us. It is as rewarding to see pets growing and exploring as it is my own children! Haha

  2. Yeah! I'm so happy to hear that Katy girl is getting braver and braver, she will overcome her shyness and fear in no time as she knows she is well protected and loved by you all. She will have her confidence with her soon.
    You can make it, Katy!!!

  3. That's wonderful! Having a fearful dog myself, I understand how huge a foot sniff can be.

  4. This is such great news. I do hope Katy keeps moving forward. There will be a whole new world for her to experience.

  5. Yay! Good for Katy! I hope she keeps on improving until she gets all the attention she can handle!

  6. Go Katy, Go Katy! It's wonderful that she's coming out of her shell a bit. I respect her reservation and celebrate in her strides forward!!

  7. wish Katy could meet Dakota, I think they would love each other. Dakota is foot obsessed lol


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