Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Bones Banned in Beds


Bailey does not see this as a huge issue. He mostly takes his soft toys to bed. I like bones. Chewing a bone in bed is comforting. Loud I know, but comforting. OK, so it does inspire me to want to play. I am not a controlled chewer, which can make for a challenging sleeping environment. I just cannot believe they took my bone. I got it back in the morning. However, when I jumped off the bed and took it in my doggy bed, I discovered the ban included my doggy bed, too. That is when Dad said the bone was going away for the night. It went up on one of those awful high places I can see from the big bed, but cannot reach. Now no bones are allowed even in my own bed. Bailey reminded me Dad would let me have one in my crate if I wanted to sleep there.

I practiced chewing on one of Bailey's stuffed toy bones to see if it will work as a bed substitute this morning. Bailey is not looking thrilled.


  1. Oreos bones end up on high shelves at night too.

  2. We aren't allowed anything in our rooms.

  3. We werent allowed ANYTHING on beds...wait til tonights post to find out why ;)

  4. awww that is torture to be able to see the bone and not be able to get it. It is for your own good though. You don't want to chew on a bone at bedtime and mess up your bed :)

  5. Our Mum and Dad don't sleep with their food either - just teddy bears, but they don't chew them !

  6. Ahhh, so I'm not the ONLY one who has bones and toys taken away late at night! I thought it was just me! Mommy says that when it's night-night time, the bones have to go to sleep too. Booo! Who made this rule, a cat?

    Woofs & hugs,



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